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I had marina coil fitted on Monday. I was recommended have it done because I've been suffering from endermetrosis for years and had one ovary and my tubes removed 2 years ago also have a lot of scar tissue.found having it fitted very painful and still got a lot of pain. My pain is mainly down my right side down my right leg and back sore and getting shooting cramps in my stomach. Also bleeding. Has anyone else been same???

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  • Hi there yes had it fitted last October & ut was hell on earth for about 2 months , lots of pain , bleeding and just feeling really ill . I got 2 very bad infections & was nearly admitted as my urithra closed down n couldnt pass urine. But the infections were down to it changing my body ph levels so i advise getting BV pessaries from boots by Balance Activ . Its helped massively with the bleeding & pain !!

    Its now March n altho still not totally pain free im about 85% pain free with onlyoccassional spotting !!

    I would stick with it as it can take 6 months to settle things !!!

    For me it was either the mirena or a radicle hysterectomy so im pleased !!!!

    Take care hun xxx

  • Thanks for advice xx

  • First time I had the Mirena fitted I went into cervical shock and blacked out (apparently this is normal if you haven't had any kids - the measuring thing they pop in your womb can make everything freak out). I had bleeding for three months pretty much non stop and then my periods gradually got lighter (didn't do anything for the pain though). I had it swapped out when I had my first lap in case it was a "dud", still had the same issues and symptoms (and had tried gnrh analogues while it was in) so decided to take it out at my second lap. After eighteen months of hell I've just had my third fitted and am expecting things to be bumpy for a while. If you're worried about anything call your gp/nurse. I hope things get better and it works for you x

  • Thanks for reply. Feeling abit better today . Hope everything ok with you xx

  • Just a side note, my second coil was a dud after about 3 years after insertion, so I think that can happen. I kept suggesting it might be because I was starting to bleed so much and for some reason the docs kept fobbing the idea off. It seemed to me instead of recommending Zolodex, we might try changing my coil (simpler, right?!) as the first step to try. Eventually I got my way, but only because I refused Zolodex and then showed up with an abnormal smear they had to work on, so they changed my coil at the same time, and that was last month.

    The new coil seems to be doing its job, so I do think there can be duds out there but I realise that's subjective evidence! xx

  • My gynae was the one who suggested the swap out so you're totally right about there being duds. I'm not expecting the pain to go away completely (unless coils 1 & 2 were both duds but I still get pain from areas already surgically treated anyway) but I know once I fall into a cycle my periods will be a hell of a lot lighter. I even noticed a sort of hormonal headset adjustment last week after having it fitted although that could have just been the copious amounts of codeine and feeling vindicated because they found endo on my intestines! xxx

  • Vindication after a long battle trying to convince doctors is a helluva powerful pain relief! ;) xx

  • Yes! If this is your first, stick with it. I had my third fitted on the 11th of Feb and I had the very same symptoms. I can say with certainty, 10 years with the Mirena has been very successful. I don't have much in the way of periods, if any at all. If I get a period, it's not fresh blood, and it lasts for 3 days max, for me.

    I would occasionally get a jab that I can feel in my uterine or deep vaginal area, but all checks showed that the coil was in place and all was well. I think I get those occasional jabs because my uterus is adhered to my rectum and isn't mobile, and that causes the occasional push or pull that affects my coil against the uterine wall... that's what I think is going on anyway.

    So, last month, I bled for a while, and it was red but not like bleeding from a wound like extremely fresh blood, it was just red like period blood. My cycle had been due to start right after the new coil was inserted, so I counted it as my period, plus aggravation from the new insertion. It lasted for almost 2 weeks. This month my period tracking app on my phone was telling me my period was 9 days late, and I have had brownish and watery output since tuesday, and it seems to already be on it's way out. So it looks like I will successfully be having very little in the way of periods again, thank god. I had very, very little cramping when it came on last tuesday, and that cramping is a far cry from the cramping I used to have before the coil.

    They do recommend, especially if its your first coil, the it can take about 3 months to settle in to a regular cycle and for the discomfort to subside. But I assure you, at least in my case, it has been an absolute godsend for me. So stick with it..

    I'm sure have you scheduled for a follow up just to check it? If not, they must do that 4-6 weeks after insertion so make sure that gets scheduled. All they do is look inside and make sure the string is in place and visually make sure the coil isn't being expelled out of your uterus. You can also check the strong yourself if you carefully insert a finger into your vagina and just gently feel for your cervix. You will feel where the string is coming out of the cervix, and that's all good. Just make sure not to pull it out or batter your cervix feeling around for it. Make sure your hands are very clean. Having a coil can make you susceptible to pelvic infections just because of the fact that you have the strings running straight into your womb and bacteria can be inadvertently introduced via that string if you're not careful.

    If you have questions or fears, don't be afraid to ask. I'll answer all I can!

    Be well! xx

  • Thanks for info. Yes I go back for check up in 3 months time. I'm also on medication for my bladder so need check up for that. Im just hoping all settles x

  • What's going on with your bladder, if you don't mind me asking? What medication are you on?

  • I have slight incontinence. Tried physio n different medication x

  • Interesting... what effect is the medication you're on meant to have? xx

  • I'm now having really bad headaches n cramps in stomach feel so drained x

  • Sorry you're feeling so rotten. On a totally random side note - when were you last tested for chlamydia? They are supposed to test you for it before inserting the coil but when I had my first one I didn't realise my scumbag ex had been cheating on me so I didn't know I had it (I found out everything the day before my appointment so got tested for everything within two weeks of everything kicking off). It made me feel pretty ill for a while. I REALLY hope that this isn't the case with you but if you're feeling this crap there might be something not quite right? xx

  • That's awful for you and not case with me I've been suffering along time with it and I have been tested afew times over they years has some symptoms are the same. Think just taking time settle due to my emdo and all my adhesions I have but I'm trying stick with it has I'm willing try anything that could work for me xx

  • I had the coil fitted three weeks ago. It was manageable at first but now I have Servere pain down my leg and side and even pains in my stumach. Ive had my period now for over a week. I'm due to see the nurse next week and I think I'll be having it removed. I'm not sure what they can do for me. I'm understand your pain.

  • I went through exactly the same thing!!! Felt so much worse after but believe me stick with it as it is so worth it when you get the first few months over you. I am now completely bleed free and had gained so much confidence back due to this....although I do have months of flare ups inbetween. It is nothing compared what I used to go through. Hope this helps you. Take care x

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