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Coil confusion


Hi all,

I am new to this, so please bear with me!

I underwent my 2nd lap in June and had a reasonable amount of endo removed from my pelvis and ovaries.

One year previously I had the coil fitted during a diagnostic lap. This led me to bleed pretty much non stop until January 2017, when my consultant started me on induced menopause treatment. Although this helped slightly I was still bleeding at times and in a considerable amount of pain!

Since my most recent lap I have had no bleeding at all, although still quite a lot of pain. I know everyone will be thinking that this is great, but my mind is playing tricks. I think I've bled for so long now I am worried that by me no longer bleeding or even having a proper period since the end of my menopause treatment in May, that something must be wrong?

Any advice or similar experiences are much appreciated :)

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The chemical menopause will definitely shut down your menstrual cycle so you will stop bleeding. Nothing is wrong and it is behaving as expected Xxxxx

Sorry the coil did not work for you well done for persisting so long xxxx

I had both together but the coil had already stopped my period. The coil caused me daily pelvic pain sadly so had to come out.


Hi Starry!

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I'm no longer on the chemical menopause, the treatment ended in May as I wasn't getting much relief from it. I just expected now that it had been 2 months my cycle may have started again and it hasn't?

I am still struggling with the coil, deliberating whether to get it out. Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. Xxxx

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Take it out

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Hi, quite often the Mirena stops periods completely. I only get a very slight one. So that could also be the cause.

I had a 6 month course of Zoledex for chemical menopause. After the 6 months ended it took a further 4 months for my periods to start to come back and several months after that for them to be "regular" . It takes time for your body to adjust and whilst seemed extreme (they thought they had started the actual menopause!) it's not unusual. I was told it's usually around 12 weeks after you can expect it but it can vary


Thank you everyone, that's really put my mind at ease. I suppose I didn't realise how much of an effect the gnrh injections have! Still having the odd hot flush! Hopefully it resolves soon.

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I'm just on my fifth injection now but they are powerful if you think that they are also used to treat some cancers mostly prostate cancer luckily I've had no hot flushes or anything yet the only thing I have is a headache for a few days after having it and the week before I'm due the next one. I didn't do well with the coil and had to have it removed.

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