I was on the depo provera for 10 years (18 - 28) in order to help control my systems of Endometriosis. My doctor took me off of it at the beginning of this year, as my bone density was very low and suggested that I have the coil inserted. This is something I did not want to go ahead with however, she was very persistent. I have found my systems have become worse, with more pain more often, pain during and after sex (and after masturbation) effecting our sex life greatly, bloating 24/7 and bleeding from the bowel. My doctor advised that the coil is still 'settling' and should settle within a year. I withdraw from being touched 'down there', and tense up whenever my other half does and during examinations. I have had two laparoscopy's, the first to diagnose the condition and the second treat the condition. Does anyone have any experience with the coil or any other potential 'remedies'. In 11 years I have never met or spoken with anyone else who has Endometriosis, and this is my first time on a forum, so any kind advice would be most appreciated.

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  • Hi, I have just joined this site and yours is the first post I have read, I had the coil fitted five years ago and mine did take about 6 months to a year to settle in but then I really noticed a difference in my symptoms, I am due to have it replaced but they can't find the threads so I am waiting for a uterine probe.... splendid, in order to remove it. I totally empathise with your reaction to 'intimate' contact and I have noticed a real difference since my coil 'expired'. I would say bear with it for at least 6 months but if you're not feeling a change by then definitely go back and see your doctor, are you under an endometriosis specialist? because they really understand much more about what you are going through and you need to talk to them to get the best treatment for you as everyone reacts differently. Take care and remember YOU ARE NOT SUFFERING THIS ALONE. xx

  • Did you have any bad side affects with the injection contraception my gyno wants me to go on it but im sure the risks out weight the benefits for me so im not convince. I also wont have a coil fitted at the moment im taking 3 pill packs back to back.

  • Thanks Buttercup. No, I am not with a specialist however, I may try to hunt one down in my area. xx

  • Sunblock, for me the depo was very good. I did not experience weight gain like many do and did not have many other issues for the 10 years I was on it. I still experienced some pain and bleeding now and again, as well as a heavy dark brown or black discharge however, other than that I got on very well with it. The only reason my doctor took me off of the depo, was the long term risk of osteoporosis. My bone density was concerning however, I had a low fracture risk. The pill has never been strong enough to control my bleeding. I will bleed for days, even weeks, with blood clots and severe pain which leaves me bed bound. The side effects with the stronger pill, or more of the lesser pill were very unpleasant, with black outs and hot sweats.

  • Yeh that is a risk for me i already have a vitamin d deficiancy although might not be there any more because i take strong vitamin d as directed by the bone clinic. I know there is a risk after a few years of it thats what worries be as i have had an eating disorder in the past and although i dont have osteoporosis not sure i want to be on something that could give it me. Although my endo specialist is very good and hes told me if i react to it he can reverse the injection by giving you a bit of something else that was his words, but still dont know what to do.

    Eeek that doesnt sound good, when i had my first lap in 2011 the guy who did the op then should have to me to try taking 3 pill packs back to back or going on injection but he failed to say it and said id be fine not on anything so hes partially his fault i have to have another lap because it had prob already grown back as i had only been doing 3 pill backs back to back for about 8 months. Im periods are fine on the pill but since i have been doing 3 pill pack i sometimes dont even bleed but he said that is normal. Before i went on the pill i was the same heavy bleeding, and in agony for weeks not nice at all but luckly for me the pill controlled mine.

  • I never knew this; Bristol is fortunate enough to be home to one of the UK's leading centres of expertise in the treatment of Endometriosis and other pelvic conditions. bristolendometriosisclinic....

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