Hello ladies. I wondered if any of you could share what after effects if any you may have had from one of these.

I'm meant to be having one under General Anaesthetic on Saturday week and wondering if I need to warn work just in case I may be needing to have the Monday as wfh way or ill.

It all seems innocent but I was told I'd be fine a week or two after my lap and it's been over a month of feeling weak as a kitten so I'm a bit paranoid about recovery times now....

(I start with a new team and boss this Friday so if so, it's likely to be an awkward conversation)

Many thanks and hugs to you all.

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  • Hi.....I had this procedure, it's very uncomfortable at the time...but afterwards you don't or shouldn't have any issues, just perhaps make sure you have no plans the following day. I didn't have any anaesthetic just a nurse holding my hand at the very uncomfortable will be more groggy from the effects of the anaesthetic to b fair. Hope this helps and good luck honey xx

  • Hello

    I had one with gas and the nurse to help. It was very uncomfortable but not awful. I went to work the next day and was fine!!

    Good luck xoxo

  • I was awake for mine and had no sedatives or anything and there was no recovery time needed. I felt horrid from the bowel prep but that goes with the territory - was eating and back to normal within a couple of hours. So I would assume the only issue will be the recovery from the GA.

  • I had one not long after being concussed so couldn't have gas so was worried as always react to everything but and it was really fine bit odd really but fine as they dont go in very far anyway so it reasonably quick and you lie with your legs together on your side so it not as uncomfortable as a gyne examination, as you can try and ignore it easier if that makes sense.

    Obviously it depends on your issues but I have a lot of bowel pain and I had superficial endo on my rectum but the sigmoidoscopy I found less painful than a smear test . But again everyone's different. But yep i think too depends how you are with general anaesthetic... that's what always does me in. Do you have to have it under general ?

  • Thanks. Unfortunately I've discovered it's a past trauma trigger for me. I came close to a panic attack at the just the first meeting consult so it's the only way I'll get through it.

  • awe fair enough hope you ok and procedure goes ok, so hopefully will just be the GA you need to recover from , good luck :)

  • I was meant to have sedation with mine but when I got there the nurse advised it is better not to have it as it only takes around 10-20 minutes and I was really sick the first time I had anaesthetic so I thought it wasn't worth being ill for a small procedure.. however it was really uncomfortable and a lot of pain in some parts but that was due to where my endo is, I had gas and air which helped a lot & the nurse was lovely. It's not as bad as expected though & afterwards I felt fine hope it helps & goes well xx

  • Thanks everyone. Yes the GA affected me last time so I am a little worried but lesser of the two evils. Hopefully if I can go through with it it will give enough info to inform the need for a second op.

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