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Good evening all, new member here. So ive had a tough month with pain, had 3 weeks off work and a trip to the doctors for more pain killers, come back to work and im feeling it again! My only other non severe courses of action are going on the pill or having the coil fitted. Any preferences or info on what seems to have the best effect? Ive gone for a while now without having much pain, so ruled out having the coil fitted because the possible side effects where worse than what I already had. But now its starting to have an impact on my dad to day life and its getting me down quite a bit.

Thanks x

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I'm on a progesterone pill b/c I didn't do well on estrogen ones, at first with the pill I'm on now I broke out in hives and had a few infections but they cleared up and the pain has gone down as well as I don't feel as tired (I have really heavy periods). Now I just have the issue of having to take half a pill more b/c my estrogen goes up every once in a while and I started having periods again. For me that means flushing, but I think you'll be able to tell if it happens.

Another thing I have a problem is drug allergies, I get palpitations and chest pain from some painkillers and I reacted to nuvaring so it was decided it might be better to put me on something that I could stop immediately if I react. And that's what I believe is the number one problem with the coil; you can't just take it out, but with a pill you can stop taking it.

I think it's dependant on if you can commit to the coil or not.

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I would recommend the pill over the coil. I had a lot of problems while I had the coil allowing the endometriosis to do damage. I was much better off when I had it removed and went on the progesterone only pill.


The impression I get is that the coil is better if you can hack the time it takes to work and if it works. I had one in earlier this year but I only had it for 2 months before it was taken out (I was very anaemic after complications during a lap and because of the bleeding I was struggling to get my iron levels up so it was taken out). I've currently been on cerazette for 6 months and I honestly hate it. I have had some reduction in pain, enough that I can manage it at home rather than having to go to hospital, but my periods haven't stopped and I've had spotting in between as well, my skin is awful, I've got dreadful water retention and weight gain and I feel generally hideous on it. The hospital asked me to persist because they said it could take 6 months for everything to settle but that hasn't proved to be the case.


I would recommend the pill over the coil. It made the last year of my life utterly miserable. After a week of having it out I felt like my old self again! Xxx


It may depend what type of endo you have as I have read some types are less responsive.

I had a coil inserted 4 weeks ago. I suggest reading the PIL before deciding. I was only given it after and having read that i have several of the contra indications particularly depression amd anxierty I'm now regretting my decision a bit. It's not really causing me loads of trouble but I am bleeding lots daily so the nuisance factor is high and it has aggravated my anxiety so overall for me is probably not an improvement on my non medicated state but it is early days. Its meant to stop periods eventually but i hadnt realised that might take 3 to 6 months and might not happen at all. I understand RV endo is less responsive generally and i guess the coil is a more local application than the pill but overall the jury is still very much out.


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