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Mirena Coil

Hi there,

I am on the waiting list for a laproscomy and in the meantime have had a mirena coil fitted. I was in a lot of pain when it was first put in (about a week and a half ago), then it settled down for a few days. I am now on my period and the pain leading up to and during my period so far has been worse than before I had the coil. Is this normal? I thought the coil was supposed to reduce all this?

Any feedback from anyone with experience of these coils greatly appreciated. I wasn't keen on having it in the first place and am already considering having it taken out.

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I've heard lots of people say that it can take awhile to settle down, and because it's the hormone that stops or lessens the period it could take a while to get into your body, my sister and sisters law have this a both are happy with it, give it time to do its thing, Iwas thinking of having it fitted, I'm also waiting for my lap, hopefully March, but I had the coil years ago and because I have a tilted uterus it just didn't sit right and I felt it all the time, so I'm reluctant to have fitted, but will give it ago, if I need to after excision of any endo found, good luck and keep us informed, chin up xxx


Following as i am getting this myself in a few weeks when i go for my first lap surgery after waiting 10 years for it not keen on getting it myself since contraceptive pills etc have never agreed with me so do not see how this will be any different but my gynae told me not to beat it till i have tried it lol Hope you feel less pain soon.


I had lap and excursion of endo from bowel bladder and pelvis 5 weeks ago also bladder scar tissue removed from tummy wall and marine fitted. I have been having discharge on and off and last week my mood was very low and pmt sore boobs acne was all ten times worse than before I have started bleeding yesterday and I assume its a period. I promised my consultant I would give it 2 months before making my mind up about it as I really don't want it in due to weight gain and hormone imbalance (I am scared it will cause depression as I can't take the pill previously I had the non hormone coil fitted) at the minute tho I want it out. The cramps seem constant and I don't know if its post op pain or the coil. But reading your post makes me think it might be the coil.


Thanks for your replies. The period is definately lighter and I am not getting as much pressure in my pelvis and down my legs but the pain is definately worse. Feels like early labour pains and is making me feel quite sick. I'll give it a bit longer but I can't help feeling that I have done something awful to my body by having it put in. I haven't taken the pill or anything since I was young (I'm now 44) and it didn't agree with me anyway. My problems started since having my son 9 years ago, and I also suffer from depression on and off which I believe is also linked to my cycle. My symptoms can be worse when I'm ovulating so I don't really get a break which makes it hard to work out what is causing the problems :0(


Mirenas are quite different things from the old style contraceptive coils that were introduced ... whenever ?... although they do have a contraceptive role (though I'm not sure if they are as safe as the strictly contraceptive coils - check that!). I think they are now much smaller and only carry a progesterone substitute. However, the progesterone in the mirena is a much, much lower dose than if taking progesterone tablets, and the drug is in situ - in the area where the prog. needs to act - so it is much more effective, even at a lower dose. Also, the progesterone substitute does not have to travel through the entire digestive and blood systems, or to be broken down by the liver, before it is available to the reproductive system, so less of an invasion of the entire body by a chemical.

There is also an even smaller version, that has a lower dose of the prog. substitute, but does not last as long.

I had a tilted uterus, and it made the insertion a little bit more difficult (so the NHS consultant told me after I came round). However, I did have a hospital fitting under anaesthetic. My GP had said 'no' to this, originally, so I saw a gynae privately, and without him knowing about the womb he ordered me an NHS hospital fitting, on the grounds that my cervix was too small (I've never had children). This was what I had been afraid of all along. I now know that it is your 'right' to have a hospital fitting, and under anaesthetic, I think, so don't let GPs tell you different.

Mine took several months to settle down, and was worse in the phase that corresponded to my cycle, but overall it was quickly a success. Okay my endo had not been that bad - on the whole, taking the pill kept it under control - but as the perimenopause began, things were becoming unbearable. So I consider it one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you can, I'd try to stick it out for a bit longer until your system adjusts. If the pill has bothered people in the past, again, the lower dose in the mirena should make things easier


Hi again, I haven't stopped bleeding since my period and the pains and aches have been pretty constant, and I am really fed up with it now. I have my laproscopy on Monday 9th March and am really worried about it and how much pain I am going to be in afterwards. I am already in constant pain since having the mirena coil fitted and am seriously considering having it taken out and re-arranging the laproscopy for a later date so that I can let things calm down after having the coil taken out.

I have to be at the hospital for 7am next Monday so will have to drive myself and the info says that I need to have someone take me home and stay with me overnight because of the anaesthetic. I haven't had one before so am getting really worried. Any words of wisdom from other coil/laproscopy survivors appreciated!


Mandie x


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