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Mirena coil help!

I had the mirena coil fitted 5 months ago, the bleeding has finally stopped this week after 6 long months, but now the pain has got SO much worse! its not all the time, but when i have the pain its in my right side and it is absolute agony! i can not even think about anything else except the pain, if i am holding anything when the pain comes i instantly drop it as i can not even concentrate to hold something! Once i get the pain i feel so sick that i can not swallow any painkillers or even drink anything. Being a nursery nurse need to get this sorted sooner rather than later! was really looking for anyone who has had the same problem? i have already been to the doctors twice since having it fitted to try and get the coil removed but no luck yet! hopefully they will remove it this time and then be referred to a gyno to have some other kind of treatment!

any advice would be great!

thanks x

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The coil is so small it wouldn't cause the kind of pain you are talking about if it is still in the uterus It is just under 1 inch. It would fit on a 2p coin.

Also the location of pain is not consistent with the twinges of a mirena either.

Much more likely is you may have developed a cyst on the right ovary.

Mirena does make it more likely you will get cysts...and pain of the magnitude you are descibing is much more consistent with a cyst or a twisted ovary, than with a mirena.

Before having it taken out and starting all over again, when it could be unconnected pain, please ask your GP to arrange an ultrasound scan for a cyst or a kink or twist in the ovary area.

The mirena is about £500 cost and a scan is cheaper than replacing a mirena so having a scan to check you out is going to be much more cost effective, and if it is found that you have a leaking cyst or some other ovarian issue then you can leave that mirena alone to do its job and deal separately with the ovary issue.

Two other possibilities are more remote, and the first is the mirena might have perforated the uterus. Again a scan would show if that had happened.

and secondly that the mirena small as it is, might have dislodged from the uterus and moved sideways trying to get into a fallopian tube..again...a scan will show that too.

So all in all, everything considered you have every reason to ask for an ultrasound to determine if the mirena is where it is supposed to be, and also check on the right ovary for signs of any cysts.

Hope your Doc sees the sense in this and sorts you out with an urgent scan.

And whatever it is, is speedily resolved and you can get back to normality again.


Thank you for your reply! I never even thought about anything like that just presumed it was the mirena! Will definitely ask for the scan as I'm now happy as the bleeding has stopped


i have to disagree with what you have said about the coil being so small it wouldn't cause that kind of pain.

yes the mirena is the size you have said but as soon as mine went in i suffered very badly, doubled over in pain, cramps, and then full on labour contractions, and i've given birth twice naturally and it was exactly the same, and would last for several hours each day of period, and then when not even bleeding, it was exhausting. my mirena was removed in march when i had my lap, sterilisation and endometrial ablation, and since the initial recovery after all those procedures i have had not one contraction like what i experienced whilst the coil was in, and i was made to keep it in for 21 months in the end, even though i begged after 6 then 12 months for them to take it out, there was nothing on my op reports to suggest the coil was embedded or in the wrong place, i was scanned at one stage and the coil was in correctly, unfortunately its just not for everyone and since mine has come out and i have had my ablation it has literally been life changing xx


Hello butterfly95

I read your question with interest.

I had the mirena put in and like you I discovered I was in terrible pain(not to mention the anxiety and depression). My pain was linked to pre-existing ovarian cysts and inflammation.

A couple of things that you should be aware of is that the mirena can cause an infection and inflammation . Both would cause pain. The mirena can rarely get imbedded in the uterus and even more rarely actually perforate the uterus wall. You could also have developed a cyst (which having the mirena in place, is more likely)

If you can, check to see if you can feel the string of the mirena inside of you, if you can, then it's still in place.

Also get an appointment ASAP with your GP again! Just keep making appointments until they give you the treatment you deserve.

In the meantime, if your pain gets worse or you develop a high temperature, go to A&E.

Best wishes,



Hello Butterfly95, I must disagree with Impatient too, yes the coil is small but it does cause pain, I have had mine for nearly a year and I have been suffering terribly, thankfully I am not bleeding (I have PCOS and had constant unexplained bleeding for months at a time, which the Mirena thankfully stopped) but sometimes I think the pain is not worth it, it is causing me to have terrible pain in my back and I feel constantly bloated and tired, I must also say that the Mirena Coil costs exactly £88.00 from Bayer Schering (the manufacturer) not £500, I work in healthcare so I know, so it's not terrible to have it removed if need be, I have an appointment to see my GP in 5 days and cannot wait, I would like to know what the doctor told you if possible, I have been very worried about all this pain. Hope you are feeling a little better.


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