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Still bleeding 3 weeks post laparoscopy

Hi I am looking for some advice. I am now 3 weeks post laparoscopy to remove advance stage 2 endo from my bladder, ovaries and ligaments in pelvis. I also had a marina coil fitted and adhesions devided on my stomach.

I went back to work this week. I am concerned as I'm still bleeding. I have also felt very teary and hormonal over the past few days. I have my follow up appointment in 2 weeks but just wondered if anyone else felt this way.

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It's the mirena. I had one fitted during a lap and bled for 2 months solid before it was taken out. If you are concerned you might want to see your GP in the meantime to see what they think but for some women it does settle - it has to thin your uterine lining in order to stop your periods which can mean a few weeks of bleeding when it's first inserted.


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