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Is this normal?

Hello :)

I had a laparoscopy on 18th November, and had endo removed by laser (Diathermy??) My surgeon was very brief after my surgery and didn't really explain a lot, just that the endo had been removed and that my pain should go away (I suffer from daily chronic pelvic and back pain, mostly a burning sensation sometimes with cramps).

It's 10 days since, and the pain is back. Woo hoo! I know it's early days, and I am still recovering. But it just feels the same. It doesn't feel like healing pains. If that makes sense... I have read a lot of conflicting stuff. Is it normal to have these pains after surgery?

I am very strict with my diet. Completely eliminated wheat, diary and sugar. Doing castor oil packs. Started the combined pill last week, which I'm supposed to be on for four months. I am willing to give it time. I'm just curious if anyone has had a similar experience.

Thank you fellow endo warriors!

G x

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I had my Lap on the 14th, and having trawled through a few different threads on here general consensus is it can take 6-8 weeks to truly feel the benefits, and some say they had a horrific first period but then felt the benefit after that.

Doesn't seem to be any hard and fast rules when it comes to feeling the benefits, but I hope your treatment has worked for you and that you start feeling the benefits soon!


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Thanks for the reply. That is reassuring. It's just strange, I feel healed from the surgery (which seems fast compared to other people), and most mornings I wake up and don't have pain. But then the old sensations start to creep back and stick with me for the rest of the day. And it's so easy to fall into that pattern of thinking there is something else wrong with you! But I am trying to stay optimistic x


Hi, sorry to hear your symptoms haven't gone away. I felt similar after my first laparoscopy (diathermy ablation) where I was diagnosed stage 4 endo also affecting my bowel & bladder. I got some relief for a few months but eventually my pain & symptoms returned.

I found the pill didn't really work for me because my endo was also sited outside the uterus & ovaries. And because endo creates its own estrogen, I still experienced pain. A strict gluten-free diet helped manage some of my bowel pain but didn't eliminate it entirely.

The "endopaedia" website is a really helpful resource (couldn't post the link here, sorry) & I realised I needed expert excision of my endo, not ablation, to be permanently free of this disease.

Had my second laparoscopy 3 weeks ago with a specialist in Manchester & so far I am remarkably pain-free & feel so much better. Endo lesions, cysts, nodules, (& horrid carbon deposits left behind by the diathermy) all surgically removed. Early days in my recovery but this time feeling very positive!

Hope you do experience some relief soon, but if you have a severe endo diagnosis & full blown symptoms return, maybe look into excision surgery.

Hope that helps & that you feel better soon.

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If you are concerned see your GP. I was also feeling much better after lap on 9th Nov. Started to feel really bad again over the weekend, saw my GP and I have an infection under the cut in my belly button, now on antibiotics, and hopefully feeling better again soon.


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