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I am having a gastroscopy sooo scared


Hi everyone so i have been having stomach pains for couple of years now

like my stomach is sore all the time and i don't even work out i eat fine i drink fine but the pain in my stomach just doesn't go away it is so sore that it feels really lumpy

i went to see a gastro doctor and she said lets to gastro i have seen the posts on here some of them did help a little

but did anyone get an infection from doing a gastroscopy after?

i am very scared to get sedation as i have heard horrible stories about it i dont want to choke i already suffer from headaches and i also have a pinch nerve in my

spine if i get sedation will it make these things worst?

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Hi. I had a gastroscopy about 8 years ago. It really was a simple procedure, I chose to not even be sedated just numbing spray on my throat as i needed to be able to go home and look after my children who were quite young at the time. It is obviously uncomfortable and kind of gagging to have to swallow the tube thing but not nearly as bad as it sounds. It will be worth getting the sedation if you are nervous about it, mention your other health problems so they can be sure to give you only medication that is safe in your circumstances. Good luck, and try not to worry too much.

Hi - I had sedation and the numbing throat spray. I don't remember a thing from the procedure and woke up feeling fine. Well, apart from the normal pains and problems. It didn't make my spinal problems worse. Try not to worry too much if you can, for some people that might aggravate their headache and stomach symptoms - at least my sister says it does for her. Tell them about your worries before they start giving you any medication so that they can take your concerns into account. Good luck.

Hi, I had an endoscopy several years ago. I struggle with severe anxiety myself so chose to be sedated. I tried to have one previous to that with the numbing spray but couldn't stop gagging, so they couldn't do the procedure. I had sedation, gas and air and chose to have a smaller camera, the one they use for babies. I couldn't remember much after the sedation, but recovered from it quite quickly. Hope you get on ok and try not too worry :-)

You guys are amazing i love this site you guys are sooo helpful i have to young kids also hope my husband will be a big help smh.. can you get an heart attack from getting this done ?

Can sedation make you not wake up?

Have anyone ever had an infection after having this done ?

I want to get the sedation just suffer from severe headaches and i dont want them to get worse you guys have been so helpful so far thank you again


Please don't be scared, I had this done in March and I was petrified beforehand.

They put a drip into my hand, and layed me on my side, they sprayed this stuff down the back of my thoart that tasted like banana and vodka and put a mouth guard in. After that I remember nothing and woke up in recovery. No choking or nothing. Considering the fact I was so frightened beforehand, I did pretty well and the same will go for you too. Chin up and good luck x

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thank you soo much i will let you know how it goes

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Good luck hun & chin up x

Hi, With the sedation you aren't really asleep, so in actual fact you are still awake. It just relaxes you puts you in a twilight state, but you aren't asleep. I have never heard of anyone having a heart attack from this. I didn't have an infection and they took biopsies. I would say it's highly unlikely. Try not to get yourself worked up. I had lots of sedation because I had a colonoscopy and Endoscopy at the same time, but I was back home to my son in a few hours, just felt tired. x

HI. I've had a both colonoscopy and gastroscopy under sedation and it was a breeze! Best sleep ever! Bit wobbly for an hour or two afterwards. No more pain than the usual (endo/adeno/degenerative disc back pain) . If you can, go for full sedation.

I had one done last year, a camera up and a camera down :( I was really scared too, but I promise it's not too bad. The sedation they give you stops you from caring too much, in fact I remember feeling pretty awesome! The camera itself is small, and it's not too painful - more uncomfortable when they're moving the camera about. They took 2 biopsys from my intestines and I didn't feel a thing, and there were no problems afterwards (apart from my sedated attempts to make friends with a man who had the same procedure as me, which my friend found hilarious!) You'll be fine sweet I promise, just be brave :) xx

ARandomSparkle Aww thank you for the comment i am going to take everyone advice and go for the sedation thank you i will try and stay clam

Hey Arandomsprakle so i had it done they said everything looked normal but they still took 2 biopsies from me what does this mean ?

And am home now two days i feel awful my stomach is upset i dont feel like eating at all just tired and in bed most of the time

How did u feel after will this feeling go away ?

Kind of regret going help

I have chronic headaches so i hope that getting the sedation doesn't make it worst i am only 33 and i have so much wrong my back my head and my feet i have

Plantar Fasciitis smh that is sooo bad just hope that none of this affects me more by getting the sedation

My husband is so not supportive he doesn't understand the pain i am in .... i am thinking of getting a divorce over this

Hi thanks everyone for the comments so everything went fine didn't remember what happened home now trying to take it easy they didn't fine anything which is great

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