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A question about serrapeptase and ovarian cysts (endometrioma)

Hello everyone,

I have a cyst on my left ovary and started taking serrapeptase after Reading success stories from people who got rid of their cysts after taking serrapeptase. I've been taking these capsules for a little more than 2 weeks and have been fine most of the time, but then there are moments/ hours when I feel such pain or twitches from my ovaries. I also get kind of a burning sensation high up in my stomach every once in a while. Apart from all this, I also pee A LOT more than usual.

Did this happen to any of you? What are the signs that serrapeptase works?



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If anyone else takes this they may be able to comment but there is currently no evidence to support the use of this chemical in medicine. Since endo is an immune system condition involving allergic reactions then I would be very wary of taking chemicals for which potential dangers are unknown.


Serrapeptase isn't a chemical, it is an enzyme, enzymes are classified as food by the FDA. They are a proteolytic enzyme which are the enzymes that are essential to metabolic function but also work to break down proteins from food. Digestion is prioritised by the body over metabolic functions such as repair so it is crucial to take serrapeptase on an empty stomach with water only otherwise the body will use the serrapeptase for digestion instead of repair. Dosage is important also. Typically you will have a maintenance dose which is when there are no symptoms of Inflammation or other health issues notably present. But if there are present issues to contend with then a more treatment focused dosage is required so you would look at taking as many as you could tolerate until you were noticing results and then scale back to maintenance dosage. Serrapeptase can cause stomach upset and it is also ph sensitive, seaprose is said to have the same benefits without the side effects and is more ph stable, make sure you use a reputable brand and also a protease blend is a good option with nattokinase (another proteolytic enzyme) amongst the active ingredients. You may have to play around with dosage to see what works best for you we are all different but when you get the dosage right you will never look back


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