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Please help, belly back and leg pain


This is my first time posting on a forum.

For the past 1-2 years I have suffered with very painful periods and ovulation - my ovaries hurt, my lower back hurts and my legs are extremely restless to the point I'm sometimes bed bound- the restless legs are the worst they hurt from my bum all the way down, I also suffer with night sweats and occasionally painful sex.

In September I had key hole surgery to find out if I had endometriosis - which I have not got.... This month I have suffered all month long :( my legs seem To slightly ease after 400mg ibroprufen, 60mg codeine and a hot water bottle.

Really hoping someone can help with some answers on this? :( I am 25 and have two children if that helps? Also when I'm on my period I seem to get loose stools, sorry tmi -Just trying to tell You everything xx

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Hi nicolap90

Welcome and how ate you?

What did they find at the lap did they say? Was your lap done by a general gynae? Or a bsge accredited one.

General gynaes commonly miss endo so that could be the case if you had lap done by one.

Also do you mind me asking how we're your children delivered normal vaginal delivery or c section.

Sorry your going through this pain at such a young age it's awful. I get a lot if leg pain and ovulation pain is horrendous first few days if period is awful too. Not diagnosed with anything as yet going through procedures with gynae and urology. Just a little bit about me.



Hi Missworried,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am currently at work, sat with a hot water bottle behind my back.

Ovary pain isnt too bad today, it is just my back and legs :-( Haven't taken any painkillers as of yet today.... I am booked in for Monday with the doctor as I think she wanted to book me in for an MRI?

As far as I am aware, the surgeon was just a Gyno and not an endometriosis specialist.

I have searched high and low for other reasons that may be causing me such uncomfort, strangley enough I do find if I eat a better diet I do not suffer as bad.

Nothing was found from my lap, just a sticky womb what ever that may mean?

My children both were born normally, no c-section.


Bless ya hun. Hopefully you'll get some answers at the MRI. I hope you do. It's awful not knowing why your in pain

If you don't get no answers I suggest you get a referral to a bsge centre and let them have a look to see if they can find any endo. Hopefully you won't have to go down this route and the mri will give answers x


What is a bsge centre? Googled today that my surgeon was an endo specialist, so I'm lost on what it could be...

Thank you xxx



I'm new to this forum too. Sorry you are going through so much and your Lap didnt give you any answers. I have been diagnosed with Endo via lap, but like you suffered with restless legs and widespread pain. My GP was of the opinion that it's unlikely to all be Endo related. He mentioned Fibromyalgia, which i wasn't and am still not convinced I have but I have to say that he started me on Amytriptolyne (spelling sorry!) and my restless legs hardly ever bother me any more, I sleep sooo much better and that has had a knock on effect of me feeling better. I had another Lap last wed that has knocked me off my feet a bit but do feel positive that will get back to where I was so perhaps mention those tabs to your GP and see if they at least help with your legs. Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.


Hello tmc182,

Thank you for replying, my doctors were so sure it was endo, but obvouisly from my lap it isn't? I am seeing the surgeon who did my lap next Tuesday, for something else, however I am going to mention this to him again.

Also seeing my doctor on Monday who last time was saying she amy book me in for an MRI... can these pains just happen for no reason?

Yes I will do, as at the moment they're just fobbing me off with codeine, which makes me constipated - which causes more tummy pains.

I hope you are feeling better soon, it took me about 2 weeks to properly recover from my lap x x


Iv been given amitripline too. I just haven't started taking it yet. Does it help straight away the doc told me to take 10 mg first then go up to 20 I'm just a bit worried of how it will make me feel on top of everything else x


I was told to start on 10mg too. I felt it helped me fall asleep easier but during that first month my bedtime got earlier and earlier it seemed to knock me out as soon as I took it. When I went back the doc told me to increase to 20 mg. I was sceptical thinking I'd be in bed by 5.30! But actually I think the increased dose was perfect for a deeper more refreshing sleep. And quite quickly I was going to bed at around 10 and sleeping until 7 no problem. Plenty of energy for walking my dog and 10-15 miles cycling each day. Was feeling great. Had a lap last week and back to being in bed by 8.30 but I feel quite confident I'll get back into that routine once my body is healed. Give it a try it has def helped me. Good luck.


Thanks I will give it a go once my daughters cough has gone I'll start it I don't wanna sleep through her having a coughing fit. Sounds like it will help though my legs drive me crazy along with my hips on a night xx

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Thanks lovelies! My friend told me to take amitriptalene - she gave me a couple Incase I needed them.. Do they just relax your muscles ? And not make you feel groggy the next day? It's definitely something I may ask for next week when I'm back at the doctors xx


Please do not take prescription medicines unless prescribed for you, that's very dangerous.

Speak with your doc first. I think amitryptoline takes a while to fully get into your system and if you need to come off them you have to lower the dose slowly. They are not like taking a simple paracetamol. Please speak to your doc first.

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I will do :-) thanks for the advice. Had another bad spell again today but luckily not all day long. Hope you're feeling better and on the mend. Xx


Hi Ladies,

I have been told it more than likely is endo and wasnt seen during the surgery.

I have been given Mebeverine to try. xxx


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