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Leg pain

I had a laparoscopy just over 2 weeks ago.. I've woken up today with the worse pain in the top of my legs and shooting down them, there's also some pain in my lower back and stomach almost like cramps. I did get this pain before lap, hence why I was referred to hospital and was always really painful, but I've never had it this bad, I can barely walk, never thought it could get worse 😔. Has anyone else experienced this? Xx

Many thanks, Laura x

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Following! I also have such bad hip and leg pain at night. It's much worse since my surgery, hoping it will settle with healing. I have been given amitryptiline and it works amazing for me.


Thank you for you reply! I woke up with mine today, and it gradually got worse within the space of a few hours of being up and around. Like I say, I'm used to having awful pain, but this was on a whole other level 😭 the pain went into my pelvic area too.. normal painkillers didn't seem to help at all. Going to see the doctor tomorrow anyway to check on a few other bits, so I might mention it. Surely there's something abit stronger than over the counter paracetamol they can give us, knowing the pain with go through daily?! 😭 x



I suffer with shooting pains I get them under my ribs before during and after my period and from my pelvis down my leg when I'm on. The only thing that took the edge off was solpadeine max tablets that I got from the pharmacy, they're a mixture of codeine and paracetamol it's the only thing that could get me to work on most days

Hope this helps Hun x


Thank you for the reply. I've booked to speak to the doctor today, so I'm hoping they will be able to help in regards to what I can take, it's horrible when you take tablets but they don't do anything isn't it 😔 xx


Same, started with it about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was bcos id been mauling delivery at work. But i self certed last week and rested all week & its not gone away.

Now its started in the bottom of my back & tugging under my belly button.

I take paracetmol but it doesnt go away.

Went see doc. He gavs me 30/codeine and paracetamol . Said if its no gone in a week go back to see him.


I've been to the doctors today and they've told me to just alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen for a few days regularly and see how I get on for a few days (I explained these weren't helping) said if doesn't help I need to ring and they will prescribe codeine or something similar.. they are abit reluctant to precise me this due to struggling with bowel movement anyway.. never seem to get any real advise from doctors, such hard work isn't it.. I've got to go back to work after 2 weeks off tomorrow, dreading it! Think the doctor would of signed me off again, but I advised pressure I'm under to go back 😔🙈 so hard feeing guilty about work, yet scared to go as you're in so much pain or feeling unwell 😭 hope you're feeling better soon! X


How are you gettin on hun? Are you still in pain.

Mine has gone now,they just feel warm and throb now.

Bloody exhausting with wrk. Im just dead vague with them now and say poorly.

As feel if i explain they ll think im been dramatic .

Then if need furthur info i give sick note sayin endo.

Nobody gets it anyway. No point explaining myself.


I feel exactly the same! Work is really wearing me out, along with school runs and housework, literally running on empty, but you know how it is, we just plod on! I feel the same about work though, I don't go into too much detail either now, you do feel like they think you are being dramatic and never seem to understand! The pain comes and goes.. had a few days where the pain lessened a little, but some days are awful 😭 hope you're feeling better soon! Xx


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