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Has anyone had leg pain who has Adenomyosis? In the last couple of days my legs have blown up and feel as though my skin is too tight- it probably sounds really random but it's so painful, walking really hurts. It's mostly at the top of my knees where the pain is and it's gone really puffy. I'm linking it with Adenomyosis but perhaps I'm wrong, my lower back is painful as well but I've never felt pain like it. It's been coming on for the last 3 weeks and last night and today it's been horrendous- it kept waking me up as it's so painful. I've not done a mass workout or anything but am very heavy again with my period and I've been on for ages again so I just wondered if this was another symptom really and if there is any suggestions as to how to relieve it. I'm trying so hard to get work done but I'm having to stop and be really still for a bit to calm the pain down. Any help appreciated x

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  • Someone else might reply with a better guess than me, but it sounds like you've got oedema (water retention) in your legs. The feeling of skin being too tight, the sense that it's particularly at your knees (oedema often pools around joints), and the puffiness make me suspect that. You probably know that a lot of people get a bit of water retention with their cycles, and that's partly responsible for weight fluctuations before and during periods. This sounds rather extreme though, so it would probably be a good idea to see your GP. They can make sure nothing serious is causing it and give you medication/stockings/advice on how to calm it down (usually resting with affected limbs elevated, I think).

    I hope it goes away soon!

  • Hi. I haven't found a cure for this yet but wanted to say you're not alone. I never have any visible swelling down the legs BUT it feels so tight and swollen that it may burst. With me it can happen at any time, not related to my cycle at all but definitely coming from the ovarian pain I get all the time. I use heat pads on the lower back and front when it all kicks off, that and codeine. My sleep pattern gets shot to pieces as well. So hoping someone else has a great suggestion that may help more.

  • Thank you so much for your replies. I had not even thought of water retention I suppose that would be possible. Being still really helps but then I forget and move and it's so painful. I've woken up this morning and it's not as painful as it was but my skin still feels tight particularly round my ankles this morning and it's a little puffy round the knees. I've got a sports massage today so I'm going to see what she says as well- going to the doctor maybe a good idea though if it doesn't subside today. I've just never known anything like it- I suppose it's a bit like going on an aeroplane when your legs sometime react to a flight. I'm sorry your getting this pain too 'shookup' it really is nasty. It must be linked to all this if your getting the same symptoms- it's such a horrible thing Adenomyosis and endemetrosis they have an array of symptoms all linked together. Fingers crossed I don't get awful pain today- as I've been writing this my calves are starting to really tighten, I really hope I don't have a day of it again. Hopefully the massage will help. Thanks again for replying x

  • I get shooting pain all down my thighs. It feels very similar to the pain I get in my abdomen, but no doctors have really taken any notice of this system. When bad it is difficult to walk properly at all. Now 16 months after lap and endo removal op, and pain in legs still comes with abdominal pain. I find massage can help, but doesnt remove the pain

  • Wow that's exactly what I have it's so hard to move its horrible! I've just come back from having a massage now and I must say it has helped a bit. My lower part of my legs no longer feels tight it's just a bit painful in my thighs now but nothing like it was. I definitely think the massage has eased it but it hasn't taken it completely away but it's helped that's for sure. I shall see how I am over the weekend I think and if there is still any pain Sunday then I'm going to go to the doctors. Thanks for your message x

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