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Yuk! Enema before op? Effects last long?

Got my operation on Monday to remove cysts, ovary and tube and to re look at how extensive the endo has gotten and I have been given Fleet sodium phosphate Enema to take. Oh lucky me! NOT! Was wondering if anyone has had one of these and if so how long you were effected by it? I know it works pretty quick as says in leaflet takes 2-5 mins to work. But is it just one "episode" or living in the bathroom constantly. My operation is being done far away so I was hoping to stay over somewhere, but not going to if not going to be able to travel whilst having the enema. Hope makes sense and many thanks for your help :-)

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I haven't had an enema but I have taken a bowel prep b/c the hospital said I was constipated.

My bowel prep lasted for about 7 hours.

One tip that is going to save you and I know it sounds so weird once you start going to the washroom put lube, Vaseline, or diaper cream on your hole otherwise it'll be sore and might crack.

For the first bit you might go in and out of the washroom and then after you just stay on the toilet, you know your done once clearish yellow liquid comes out known as bile or stomach acid (which is why you put on the cream).

If you have a laptop or phone watch a movie, read a book, get a heating pad (mine made my endo pain worse) and just try to take it easy.

Make sure to drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated.


Hi Hannah117, thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

I hope the enema isn't like a full bowel prep as that no fun at all. Thanks for your tips and advice too. Will def keep them in mind and use them x

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I had to do a bowel prep before my surgery too and I was pretty similar to Hannah117. The only extra thing I'd say is to start now eating less and more lightly, so bland, easily digestible foods as this will make the whole thing easier. Good luck! xx


Hi emmac2010, Thanks for replying to my post, much appreciated. I will bear that advice in mind and just hope the enema isn't as aggressive as the full bowel prep. x

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Hi I had exactly the same type as you and it was rapid acting and just one visit to the bathroom. I took mine in the morning of my op so you should be fine doing it before you set off to the hospital from your hotel. I did mine and held on for as long as I could (about 10 min). Then I went! I would allow at least 30 min before you need to set off to be sure!. I also just had a lighter diet the day before to make it slightly more pleasant so just ate some soup, bit of salad and some fruit. I stopped eating food at 1730 the previous day. Hope this helps and good luck.


Hi Bevj1, Cheers for your response, much appreciated.

I am liking that from your experience of having to do the "joy" of an enema that it is just one episode and occurs quickly and that's it! This is what I was hoping and will definitely work better for having to travel too. Cheers for the advice.

Just a little concerned as I have been given 2 bottles and told to take them 5 hrs apart! Yet the leaflets with them say to only take one in a day! Wondering if I will get away with just doing one. Especially as the pre-op nurse said that some of the consultants don't prescribe it, others just one bottle, yet my consultant always says 2! Crazy!

Once again many thanks x



Ive had both the bowel prep drinks and an enema before and believe me you have the much better version haha for me it was just one trip then i was able to leave for the hospital about 15mins later! hope this helps and good luck with it!



Hi amy-28,

Many thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.

That's great that I've got the better of the 2 options. Still not a nice thing to do and go through but at least it short and over with quickly. Has reassured my mind and been very helpful. x


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