last hospital appt 2 years after lap op

hi! i was diagnosed with endo back in 2015 and had a laparoscopy the same year to remove it. i only just in March did i see the pictures they took during the operation. Luckily i have mild endo, although the pain i am always would say it was more serious than mild. i told them that i still have quite severe pain on my right hand side where my ovary is and for once seems like i got an answer to the pain but no solution.

i was told that it is possible that i have cysts inside my ovaries which is was the pain is and that it is serious right now. if i get to the point where it hurts too much then i will need to be referred again as i have been discharged now.

has anyone else ever been told about cysts inside their ovaries? they think one of mine burst which started the whole process of finding the endo.

any help on whether i should go back to the hospital witht his or not would be muhc appreciated


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  • Do you mean an endometrioma? I had a 7cm endometioma on my left ovary that I had to get removed. I had mild endo aswell but I was in constant pain that the consultant put down to my ovary being stuck to my bowel and the cyst. Funnily enough unknown to me I had a cyst burst and I ended up in hospital with suspected appendicitis and that's how I was diagnosed with endometriosis. x

  • This is exactly what happened to me! in 2014 i had instant stabbing pain in my right side and was admitted to hospital for appendicitis. when they discovered it wasnt i went under so many tests to the point where they realised it was endometriosis. i had it removed but still have the pain every day (not as bad however) i had my last check up in March and she sprung that on me that she thinks a cyst may have burst inside my ovary even though they dont know if i even ave any cysts. i've been told to get on with it and see what happens x

  • The hospital I was in didn't remove the endometriosis when they were in there because it was mild they said they just left it even though I was in agony but they did remove my appendix haha. I then said I would give it a few months and see how I feel and if it wasn't less painful I would go private and get it removed. I had a failed cycle of IVF not long after appendix out so I decided to go private anyways to maximise my chances with the next round. So I went to a BSGE specialist at a private hospital and had it all removed the end of march. Although the consultant did say if it comes back on my left side to consider removing my left ovary x

  • wow, okay. this is what worries me when it comes to children, whether ill get the help that is needed, if needed. i hope everything works out well for you! x

  • Thank you :-). I'm sure everything will be fine try not to worry xx

  • Hi! Sound really awful! Yes, I have been diagnosed with dermoid cyst inside my left ovary but that turned out to be endometriosis!! I am in quite severe pain as well but it's manageable for now.... they said they can not remove it as it will damage the ovary(here in uk) but I am seeing doctors abroad and they will remove it... I hope you have the best doctors to look after you... I wish you well

  • Wow! they told me my ovaries look healthy so it doesnt seem like they want to mess around with them too much. my pain is manageable too but some days it is really draining.

    I wish you well also good luck with everything! x

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