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At long last a little hope

Well, I don't know how to start have never written a blog before. I am 29 years old and have been living with this excruciating pain for 2 years now. I had SPD (symphasis pubic dysfunction) when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my second child , I had to have emergency cesarean but all the prodding made my SPD worse..I was in so much pain after... I then had a heamotoma from which I lost a lot of blood ... Any way the SPD had settled but this deep vaginal THROBBING pain (sorry TMI) has been there since, it has just got worse, it's there all the time..It get worse when:

1. I'm on or going to be on my periods at which point it has reached to unearable levels

2. If I sit on hard surfaces for too long

3. If I stand for too long

4. If I walk for a long distance (all 3 of the above flare it up and then it is sever for the next week and a half.

5. I get when going to the toilet it just feels sore

6. heavy loads

I have really had enough , but recently one of my friends mentioned endometriosis and I was amazed at how many symptoms were similar to mine...I finally don't think I'm going mad..or I can't take pain....My doctor has been great and has referred me to a gynecologist urgently my appointment is on wednesday

Reading all your posts has made me feel less mental...I just hope things move swiftly from here on in...

If any of you have any tips you can offer me please do...I'm glad i've joined

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Hi there :0)

I remember that throbbing after having my son. I still get it occasionally (he's 6 now!) but it's not unbearable. Good luck at your appointment, I hope you get some help. And welcome :0)

Lucy xxx


Hello amera

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Bless you, you have been going thru it. I hope you have close family near to you who are supportive and understanding. I find this can help us to deal with this blooming horrible condition. Chocolate is also a good temporary emotional healer! :-) I like to have a hot bath too when I can and cannot be without the good old hot water bottle. A cuddle from my hubby too is very supportive. But also this site is a great place as it offers a place to rant and unload, get answers and support and just to know you are not alone.

I am glad to hear u have a decent gp who has managed to get you an urgent appointment with a gyno. I wish you luck for that appointment and hope you get some help from it.

Best wishes x


thank you ladies , my appointment is tomorrow so will let you know how I get on :-)


Just wanted to say that is great they have got you an appointment so quick, esp as it is today! I hope your appointment went well today for you x


Hi ladies

Went to my appointment today all prepared with symptoms and everything. I started crying as soon as i walked in and then apologized lol (how crazy) .it all went really fast...he suggested he wasn't really sure if its the bone or endometriosis...he suggested ultrasound (the rod one lol) and also referred me to a orthopedic consultant. He said if the scan doesn't show up anything then he will suggest a laproscopy apparently they are now offering women an MRI scan just before the laprascopy on the same day something to do with new research or something. The only thing is I go to to see him after the scan and his next appointment is in 3 months time (is that fast or slow) He said things needed to be systematic, and not just done in haste and that he will get to the bottom of it which did sound reassuring...

So now I am waiting for the next appointment...there was this lovley lady in the waiting room she has had it for 9 years and has had 5 kids in between.. she said back then it was unheard of so they kept fobbing her off ..she said it tends to ease whilst pregnant but then later comes back.

How are you ladies today?


Hi Amera

Oh the crying as soon as walked in the room and feeling apologetic scenario! Bless ya. Been there and got the t-shirt! I think tho it can help to make the drs realise that yes it is really getting to you.

I am happy to hear that the dr hasn't totally fobbed you off and is not discounting a Lap for the future, so that is great! It just frustrating that it takes so long to go through the other appointments first to see if anything else. I don't know if 3 months is fast or slow..it just sounds typical!

Me today? Had rubbish sleep as in pain and nausea. Today still feel nausea and abdo pains. Fingers crossed for a better day tomoz. Had my 3rd Reiki session yesterday...not doing anything!

Thank you for the update and I hope u are ok today. x


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