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Lap today, wish me luck!


Good morning!

Blahhh it's so early. 5:30 am and I'm up, showered and ready to go... starving and bored of water haha.

Got my first laparoscopy today, feeling okay about it but I'm sure it'll all change once I'm actually at the hospital.

Thank you to all those for your support, advice and tips on preparing for today! I shall keep you all posted once I've come round and feeling well.

Hope you all have a pain free day!

Lots of love


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Morning hope all goes well!! X😀

NJG_98 in reply to Adhamilton

Thank you, I just got to the hospital now, ahhh long day x

Adhamilton in reply to NJG_98

You will be fine I will think of you It will be me soon😀 message and let me know how it went! X

NJG_98 in reply to Adhamilton

Will do! Thank you xx

Good luck sweetheart. My thoughts are with you.

NJG_98 in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you xxx

will be thinking of you,hope all goes well and keep thinking you will be home soon.


NJG_98 in reply to attummi1973

Thank you love, less than an hour til I'm going down theatres xxx


Good luck with the lap.

Hope it all goes well and u make a speedy post-op recovery.

Keep us posted. Xxx

NJG_98 in reply to Hidden

Thank you I will xxx

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