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Diagnostic lap..today!!!


Having my laparoscopy today, it is scaring me just thinking about it, I've had no sleep and getting so much anxiety about whether they will find the cause of all my problems. Its been so many years now with pain I need an answer and I am SO worried in case they don't find anything (weird I know right!) because I really need answers now. I have to be at the hospital for 11:30 today. Don't know the point to this post - just to air my concerns to people who understand I suppose.

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Hi. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know). We all experience some anxiety ESP before surgery, it's natural. I got to hosp for 12 but didn't actually go down till 3:20pm... In the end I gave up worrying as I was too tired/hungry to care 🙈 I was just looking forward to getting some sleep. Hehe.

Positive thinking :-)

Jessicahall in reply to CLN1986

I will probably be the same if I have to wait for hours, I'm so impatient!! Doing my best to think positively, thanks hun :) x

Good luck, update us how it goes. I have my first lap on wednesday and I'm the exact same with anxiety about it xx

I had a lap (and hysteroscopy) on July 27th and although I was calm about the actual surgery I was really anxious about them not finding anything. It was a huge relief when they did find and treat stuff but the way I looked at it was even if they didn't at least I had some answers. Good luck.


Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly and you can get some answers.

Good luck hope it goes well xx

Good luck hope all goes well!! 😀 X

Good luck and keep us posted. My lap is tomorrow and although it's my third I still feel a bit nervy about it.

Take care


Adhamilton in reply to gwen80

Good luck today x


I just had mine last week. Good luck. You will be okay.

Best wishes to you 💙 xXx

Hope it went well xoxo

Hi how are you feeling? X

Hello Jessica,

I hope it all went well. I am attending a gynae consultation this Friday which may or may not lead to a diagnostic laparoscopy.

I too have been crapping myself ahead of the unknown and can only thank all the positive support and feedback received. As you say, I do need some answers as I suffer from a lot of excruciating lower abdominal pain even though I have been placed in the "IBS" category since almost 2 years. However as none of the interventions or remedies tried have worked to help manage the pain and associated symptoms, I have now been referred by my GP to carry out investigations via this route.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and I do hope for your wellbeing the specialist did find the root cause of your suffering.

Best of luck :-)

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