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Lap day today!

So I am having my laparoscopy today but I can't help but keep thinking, what if nothing is found?! What happens then? Because I'm definitely not making these symptoms up and could do with some answers.

Has anyone had similar thoughts?

Also does the cannula hurt?


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I hope all goes well for you today.

I'm due for my lap soon.

I think it's natural to have these thoughts and feeling.

All you can do is try and stay calm and wait to see what they find. This I know is easier said than done.


Luck xx


Thank you.

I will let you know how it goes.

That's true it's just the feeling of not knowing I think it sends the brain crazy.



Good luck today.

I’m in the same boat, worried they won’t find anything on Monday.

Let me know how it goes



Thank you!

I will let you know how it goes xx

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Hi! A little update, my lap went much easier than I thought it would. I was made to feel very comfortable, it was the waiting around that was bothering me. I spoke with the consultant and she told me what will happen. When I was taken down to theaters I again was looked after and I told them I was scared of the anesthetic and they put me at ease, last thing I remember was looking at the clock and seeing it was 2pm and then a nurse woke me up afterwards and it was 3pm it was very strange! I was very uncomfortable after and in pain so was given morphine and rested in bed. My consultant told me she had found endometriosis on my pelvic wall and had treated it. I was still away with the fairies when I spoke to her so will have to wait for the follow up to find out more. I had to have a wee and eat something before coming home and I felt quite sick and had hot flushes but that soon passed. I was prescribed codeine and told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen. I also used heat pads on my shoulders as the gas pain is really bad and drank peppermint tea.

I had quite an unsettled sleep last night due to pain and not being able to get comfy and kept crying randomly but I think that's normal.

Overall the procedure wasn't as bad as I thought and I was made to feel very comfortable, it's just the pains afterwards I am struggling with.

You will be completely fine! it is very daunting but once it's over you will think how easy it was.

All my best to you!!


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Glad it all went well for you, i had mine just over a week ago. I found the gas pains the worst bit of recovering, but once that passed i felt alot better. Glad you have a diagnosis, put your feet up and rest, although walking about every now and then, does help the gas pains xxx


Thank you, you too! Yes I didn't expect them to be this bad to be honest so can't wait for them to go! I am having short little walks around and plenty of rest! Hope you are recovering well xxx


Yeah i didn’t expect the gas pains to be as bad as they were, that was definatly the worse bit for me! Yeah i’m not too bad thanks i’m now 9 days post op, the area around my belly button is still a bit sore and tender, don’t be suprised if your feeling tired either as i’m still feeling very tired at times xxx


Nope it does not hurt u will b fine, nurses should put u at ease and it quite chilled out enviroment.

I had mine 9 weeks ago and they found nothing, all healthy, as my gynae said sometimes women just have bad periods... i was found to have to thick blood ie i clot to quick which explained the clotting and giving birth feeling when i was having period.

I was given tranexamic acid and it has made my periods 70% better... i have pain but i can function not take to my bed for 3 days...

I have no clots now so that explains the pain i used to have, id be laying on floor crying..

so dont b discouraged if they dont find anything as there mayb other reasons....

My friend had a lap and later found it was her pelvic floor was to tight nothing to do with endo.. so dont see it as a minus if u have no endo see it as a plus and mayb look into some other reason if u hve a good gp they should....


Thanks for your reply, it didn't hurt at all which surprised me and I was made to feel very comfortable. I bet you were relieved when you found out wasn't you? It sounds awful what you were going through before.

I was found to have endo on my pelvic wall so this was treated, I was kind of relieved that I finally had an answer, I just need to take it as it comes now xx


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