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Lap today!!!!

Hi everyone! got my lap today but it isn't until 6pm tonight so I'm going yo be thinking about it all day! I've convinced myself it's just a cervical ectropian !! I will let you know what the outcome is!! xx

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Good luck for today! I would hate to have to wait right until the evening, try and find something to take your mind off it. Easier said than done, I know xx


good luck, and yes that's a long time to wait, mine wasn't done til 4pm but i had to be in hosp at 11am, it was a long day - let us know what happens xx


Good luck Natalie! Let us know how it goes xxx


Hi good luck, try and get some rest before you go, and take it easy after. I had mine 2 weeks ago and sleep is the best way to feel better x good luck x


Thank you everyone! just feeling very anxious now!! Lilyflower would you say your recovered now? I'm a trainee teacher and due back teaching on 15th April don't know if that's too ambitious?



Good luck! I would say the 15th of April is ambitious! Everyone is different of course, but I had a diagnostic lap and had a week and a half off to recover.


Yes far too ambitious. You just need one kid accidentally running in to your belly and whoosh ARGHHHHHHH! A Lap op takes absolute minimum 2 weeks of rest before attempting to do activities like school or even driving a car. Thats for the most basic 'look around inside' only op.

You will have been stabbed in the somach at least 3 times possibly up to 5 times, never mind everything they might do inside you.

Then post op you're still filled with gas from the op they use to pump up your stomach cavity, and that needs shifting, by farting and burbing it out. don't be shy, it hurts like blazes till you get it out of your system by whatever method you can. everyone on the gynae war that's had surgery will be doing the same thing. Also helps recovery to get out of bed the next day and take short walks up and down the war every waking hour if possible. Especially while you are still pumped with gas and on morphine after the op. Once they switch off your morphine and put you on less powerful painrelief that's really when the gas pains are noticeable. Moving around will disperse that gas and help it out of you much quicker than just lying in bed.

If they find endo and work on you with lasers or excision surgery inside, then expect to be off for even longer perhaps 6 or even 8 weeks. It depends on what they do inside you.

You might find it easier to return to work on reduced hours, just afternoons for example. Recovery after an op can leave you feeling super tired as your body is stuggling to heal several wound sites at the same time. Pushing yourself to do too much too soon, will set you back and just delay any recovery time even more. Look after yourself first, then you'll be recovered quicker and better able to cope with the joys of rampaging kids and reaching up on walls with a staple gun and all the other stretching and reaching at school that will put a strain on your tummy.

15th is definitely far too soon. I'd aim for May bank holiday as a more realistic target.

As you'll be reading this in the middle of the night or tomorrow morning all I can say is ...

Get that gas out !!! & Speedy Recovery wishes to you.



I always read your very informative and helpful answers to people. So can I please ask ( and I know without knowing what your having done of they find its hard to say) but in your opinion. I am awaiting a date for my lap poss June on nhs but bring ref to Benenden too 1st consult 29th April do hopefully mid may for op if they do it. My question is I am due to go on a big family holiday to Ibiza 24th July do you think by then u should be fine to fly/swim etc. also can I tell insurance that I have endo when I haven't yet been diagnosed?

Thank you for any advice you can give



Good Luck with your Lap let me know how you get on. I hope everything goes well. I have my Lap on 24th April I cant wait to get it done its been months of waiting hope I do not have to wait all day like you have had to though x


Good luck for your Lap today. Bless you having to wait so long today until it can be done, cannot be helping with the nerves. Wishing you a speedy recovery for after x


Good luck and I hope you will be pain free very soon! :)

All the best and have a speedy recovery :) xx


Hi, I had lap on the Saturday and was back at work the following Saturday. I was exhausted after and would have loved another week off but been back to work. As I'm self employed I've probably only been working half the amount and had to keep dosed up on painkillers to get through. If you can sit and teach and rest lots in the evening you should be fine. I have had pains in my legs which I think maybe from irratated nerves which causes pains but hasn't stopped me working. If its a diagnostic you should feel better after 4 days and be up but you won't want to go anywhere for at least 5-6 days. Everyone is different but just enjoy the rest and move around when you feel up to it. The quicker you walk just around house the wind gets moving and helps you feel better too x good luck you'll be fine and if you don't remember what doctor tells you ask nurse if she can go over notes. I did and she was really helpful in explaining what they found. Good luck have a nice sleep you'll be fine xx


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