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So after everyone's helpful advice on here I have decided to go through with my laproscopy. Feeling a bit apprehensive as to how I will feel after, and if they will find anything I'm at that stage where I'm now thinking it isn't endometriosis and will be a waste of time. I don't need to be there till this afternoon so have the morning to get organised. Thanks for all the advice.x

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  • Good luck today xxxx

  • Good luck sweetie. Let us know how you get on.

  • Good luck ,

    I know exactly what u mean i kept thinking before my first lap what if I end up putting myself through this and it's all in my head and they find nothing,I've now been told it's bak and severe and I stil feel the same waiting for op no.2.Im sure there's plenty of us that feel like that prob because it isn't a wel understood ilness and we often don't feel believed as people can't see it !?

    Anyway sending big comforting hug ur way x

  • After u may have the trapped air in ur chest, some times it is quite sore others not so much but try and get a hot bottle or heat map, hold it over ur chest and rock gently.. Good luck

  • Good luck today hope you find the answers to what's going on good or bad at least you know what your dealing with xx

  • Hope all goes well for today. Let us know how it goes and how you are. X

  • Thanks for all your comments I'm back home after my Laproscopy. No endometriosis was found which is good I guess, just means there is no obvious reason for all the pain I suffer. Pain isn't too bad at the moment but I'm probably quite dosed up on pain killers.x

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