Horrendous ovulation

Does anyone experience bad diarrrea while ovulating? It's new to me as normally I have just left side pain and nausea, but this time I got diarrhoea, really bad one , it's over 3 days, Imodium doesn't help. Any ideas what can I do ? Should I ask some antibiotics in case it's a bug? I am sure it's endo related as pelvic pain is unbearable and it's right in the middle of my cycle . The latest period was really bad too, with clots and crumps from hell. I am waiting for my first lap in Oxford. The list is very long , don't have even approximate date.So lost ...

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  • Hi, yes i too get this. I have always had diarrhea with my period but my symptoms are worsening whilst i wait for excision surgery, including diarrhea when i ovulate. It is indicative of endo on/around the bowel. I don't treat it as such, like you said just another symptom to add to a long list! Other than stay hydrated and near a loo! X

  • Thanks for replying . I have all sorts of symptoms but never had bowel involved, it's first time and I am really upset . I work on a train so it's tricky to get to the loo sometimes. any other otc medicines to control it as it's totally new to me ( got Imodium, doesn't help( surviving on toast and boiled , even coffee makes me sick

  • Oh you poor thing. Have you tried Buscopan? It can help with the cramps? Peppermint tea can help settle an upset stomach. If it is endo related i find mine stops as quickly as it starts x

  • Thanks ,Buscopan seems the right to try.was surviving on tranexamic acid and ibuprofen, but think to move to different level of painkillers. Seeing GP on Monday . Any suggestions on what should I ask, tramadol, naproxen, mefenamic acid? Not too harsh on my stomach ?

  • You could try 4 hourly paracetamol, in addition I also take max dose tramadol and mefanemic acid daily. They should prescribe you something like omeparazole to protect your gut if they give you a stronger anti inflammatory. Have an honest discussion about how the pain is affecting you with your doc. Don't let them fob you off. Hope you get some relief x

  • Thanks a lot x

  • I had this too, unfortunately I had to just wait for it to pass but after I would feel like crap. Take an electrolyte drink after it calms down and drink lots of water.

    I also got diahrria during my period too.

    I find that diahrria really irritates my abdo pain and I get endo belly, so wear a heating pad whenever you can.

  • Thanks a lot for advice x

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