Extreme ovulation pain

Hello Everyone

Just wondering if anyone experiences severe pain around ovulation time? I'm at that week but it was really excruciating this morning. Ovaries have been sore and tender since last period. Luckily found a warm radiator at work to lean on which helped, along with some paracetamol.

I've got stage 4 endo ; normally I get pain around ovulation time but not this bad. Will be getting a scan end of August ahead of potential ivf no. 2 - already have couple of cysts which might explain the pain this month. Last period was also extremely painful also. But just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Thank you X X X X

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  • I do! I have always been able to tell when I ovulate because I'd get a bit of a dull ache. But now every other month the pain is really bad for a couple of days. It is accompanied by discharge that is streaked with blood. I do have an endometrioma on both ovaries. I assume that's why the pain is worse now. Apparently where the cysts are on the ovary also impacts on pain levels, I assume that's why it's not always bad.

    All the best for your next ivf cycle. X

  • Thank you very much Marie X

    I hope you can get some relief as soon as possible. I have the same thing where spotting happens around ovulation time. Poor ovaries feel like they've gone through the mill this morning! Here's to a much less painful time ahead.

    All the best X X X X

  • Hi Carrie

    I see that you had a very complex surgery that resulted in a laparotomy and you subsequently learned that you had a frozen pelvis with kissing ovaries. Was this undertaken in a BSGE centre as it would be unusual to have to do a laparotomy even in very complex cases? This sort of severity must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. As you will know a frozen pelvis means that everything is glued together with adhesions and your ovaries were stuck to each other behind your uterus. So even after surgery you are very likely to still have adhesions or new ones. The pain with ovulation is likely to be due to adhesions on your ovaries that are stretched as your follicles swell prior to ovulation. But with such a complex case history you do need a thorough assessment prior to IVF to be sure that you don't have structures stuck together again that could cause damage and/or severe pain during pregnancy. The evidence is that surgery for severe disease doesn't improve live birth rates but it may be carried out for pain or to make follicles more accessible. If you were not seen at a specialist centre I do think an opinion from one would be wise.

  • Thank you so much for your advice on this, Lindle. Unfortunately the hospital the surgery was carried out in wasn't bsge registered (I'm in Scotland): it was meant to be a straightforward laparoscopy but then turned into a laparotomy when they tried to unstick an ovary and I lost about a pint of blood. We had a failed course of ivf in January this year with a possible 2nd attempt in September - but with the pain this month i pushed for an early scan. If endometriosis has indeed got worse or more problematic I'll be verbally demanding a referral on the scan date to the bsge centre in Edinburgh (current clinic reluctant to refer at present ; tricky with the fertility issue and wary of further surgery, but something needs to be done). It's a tough one, but luckily in contact with an endo UK registered contact here in Scotland who has been treated at bsge hospital so we have a precedent and some useful contact info to work with - fingers crossed. X X X X

  • Hi Carrie - even though you don't have NHS Choices as we do it is still a requirement of the Royal College of Gynaecologists (RCOG) that severe cases must be referred to centres. The NHS England contract that we have laying down this requirement is based on the RCOG standards and on the BSGE specification for treatment of severe disease. There is supposed to be 'BSGE criteria' confirming this but I have scoured their website and can't find anything laying this down that you folks in the devolved boards can draw on. So I am writing to the BSGE asking for their treatment specification for stage 3/4 and rectovaginal endo (as based on RCOG standards) to be published on the website so that you have the same to draw on as we do. In the meantime the RCOG standards for gynaecology can be found at the link below. The relevant evidence for referral is at section 10.3.6. Note that this was written in 2008 when the centres were only just being established. It is clear that women with severe endo must now be referred to a specialist centre wherever they are in the UK. Be sure to take a copy for your Endo UK contact as all gynaecologists have to abide by these standards.


  • Lindle: huge, huge, thanks to you for this absolutely invaluable information and for all your help! I will go to this link and print it out and will pass this to my contact (and also to a good friend who has recently been diagnosed). I think this will be a massive help for lots of women and hope the bsge can update their website accordingly.

    Thanks very much again Lindle, it's really much appreciated X X X X

  • Yes, I had these exact same symptoms which it turned out were caused by an 8cm endometriosis cyst on my ovary. If this is causing your pain the scan will show this. X

  • Yes, I have this too. I have not been diagnosed yet (in the process of getting in with a specialist). Extreme pain to where I'm in tears and thinking I might vomit. Also, like Marie mentioned, some brown or red tint to discharge as well.

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