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Morning ladies

i am now coming up to my 8 weeks post op after having a robotic TLH and BSO. stage 4.

I'am fit and well all considering so feel like one of the lucky ones. Especially when i read what pain you ladies go through on a daily basis.

From the moment i was home after a 5 hour op i wasn't keeping still and only chilled out when my body was aching. From gardening to shopping then driving and painting i am feeling a whole lot stronger now. There have been times my body has had a few melt downs and would just sleep for hours during the day.

If theirs one advice i can give to ladies after a hysterectomy its to rest rest rest!!! You seriously do have to listen to what your body is telling you. I am just glad i took 8 weeks off work. I didn't listen and the consequences may of been a lot worse for me.

My hot flushes would only come on me mildly but gradually in the weeks got stronger and couldn't bare been clothed or have any bed sheets on me. It felt like a overwhelming heat so great it woke me up every hour.

I was currently on black cohosh from Holland and Barrett as with all the scares lately on the news with the HRT i tried to avoid it best i could. I made a appointment with my GP and he was very helpful. He told me i shouldn't be on Tibolne any way as this was just a temporary fix until i find a more suitable one for me. Little did he know i wasn't taken it anyway. The GP put me on Elleste Duet 2mg tablets and in all fairness after reading up on all the risks they are only small. They are helping me a lot with the night sweats. Only been on them a few says.

My may concern is my bladder. Its very painful once I've had a wee and can feel every ounce of sharpness when its extracting inside. I cant put down in words the pain i experience but it can take up to an hour for it to ease. Also as I've had bowel surgery my bowels doesn't really give me much warning and the cramp pains i get are unbearable at times.

But on a whole each day is a blessing and i am feeling much stronger as i can feel the healing process slowly working.

Hoping you ladies a pain free day and wishing everyone of you luck in any on going treatment... Endo surely is an evil disease that needs to be heard of more frequently!

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  • Glad to here u are on the mend hunni and hope u continue to feel better Hun cx

  • Thank you Nicola

    How are you feeling x

  • Aww no been great just stopped bleeding after it went on for 3 weeks and lost it completely with the doctor who said my bleeding wasn't a cause for concern also just recovering from a slipped disk in my back xx

  • OH NO! that must be so painful. Do hope you have a speedy recovery. Glad your feeling loads better tho. Doctors are a waste of time. The amount of times ive been in and out after surgery and my infections. Frustrates me coz there looking for answers in there medical book. They dont have a clue. x

  • Yeah they don't like yeah just the quickest they can get u out the door no being funny but a&e were a lot more helpful xrayed all my back and pelvis but just glad I'm feeling better even my mum said there hopeless xx

  • Yep spot on. so wish endo was not reconiseable


  • Yeah totally xx

  • Glad you are feeling well. Why did your gp say you shouldn't be on Tibolone long term? I'm just asking because I had a hysterectomy and BSO eight weeks ago and I have been started on Tibolone with no mention of changing to anything else. x

  • Not sure hun tbh just was told it wasnt for me. probably because i mentioned i still get hot sweats. x

  • Tibalone doesn't contain any oestrogen so it is used if you have endo. It is only normally given for about six months to allow things to settle down. Then normal hrt is given.

  • Thanks Jean

    How are you x

  • Hi Hun did send you a different message but seems to have gone astray.

    I had problems with bladder too. Had a lot of pain and pressure whilst going which would take a while to go. Was referred to urogynae and appointment is end of November, but think I might cancel as things have improved a lot in that area.

    Got my records through and I was right , all he did was the hysterectomy. He didn't remove any endo which he had told me he would do. Just waiting for a appointment with a different specialist .

    Regarding your bowel, if you've had surgery on them it can take quite a long time for things to get back to normal, but give consultant a call if you're at all concerned Hun.

    Look after yourself.

  • Thanks Jean

    cant understand the surgeon lying to you. So does this mean that you will have to go through surgery again. Hope you got some good legal advice. You have the evidence now so hopefully with that bullet you can fire what ever at them.

    yes thanks for that advice. Good thing is i have stopped bleeding now. Frustrated that the doctor doesn't fully talk to you about certain medicines your on. I assumed the Tibolone was HRT. So thank you for that advice.

    Glad your feeling better also jean x

  • Hi Hun, yes I will definitely need further surgery as bowel is now so constricted it's really hard to go even with diarrhoea. The only problem is with legal action it's my word against his, so I don't think I'd get very far.

    Take care sweetheart.

  • Well Jean you must try. You have been thro so much. your still battling and you should be recovering now. so sorry to hear you will need more surgery. It's like you've taken three steps forward and 5 back. Am am here if ever you need a chat. You have been with me from day one and I won't forget that. My emotions are all over the place at the min. going on a game show Monday deal or no deal and my nerves are getting the better of me x

  • Hi hun Jean has kindly explained why i was took off Tibolone. Hope this helps. you may have to go back to see you GP. Just goes to show how are records are never reviewed for further updates on there system. Hopefully you have a good GP that listens to you and puts you on the correct medicine x

  • Dear Broderskim,

    I don't think my endo has nearly reached the stage that yours is at, but I've also primarily had digestive and urinary problems as a result of the disease. I have found that women's physiotherapy, specifically exercises to release the pelvic floor, have gone a far way in alleviating my symptoms.

    Here are the details of my physio if of any help:

    Very best of luck,


  • Thank you for the link will look at this later on x

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