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Hi all - first of all happy new year -- I was wondering if anyone has experienced this -- for years I have suffered with endo symptoms (awaiting lap) please see previous posts for info - I have now discovered intense pain on both sides which seem to be my ovaries - this is particular very painful after sex and can last up to a week after -- this is extremely embarrassing for me - as not only does it hurt when doing it - but for up to a week later- has anyone else had this and can I take anything for the pain it comes and goes and feels like a stabbing pain - and lingers for ages - its so odd and its getting worse:/ please any advice will help much love xxx

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  • hey laura! I have pain after intercourse too and during. its horrible and is so embarrassing so know how you feel. unfortunately I haven't found anything that has helped me with it yet. straight after I just lay and relax, take some neurofen pain killers and naproxen (anti inflammatory) which takes the edge off a little bit for me but still leaves me in quite a bit of pain. sorry im not much help, but hope it improves for you soon! xx

  • Hello, I was diagnosed earlier in the year with endo and I also suffer with a lot of pain after and during (a tad embarrassing but also sometimes after a visit to the toilet).i also haven't really found anything that helps, afterwards defo just lying and relaxing, im very fortunate to have an understanding partner and if a position is causing me discomfort we change around and try a few diff positions so maybe this is an option?? also please do not take any offence to this its just a personal thing and of course I don't know how fit etc you are but my weight fluctuates a little I can lose and gain a stone quickly, i find I get more discomfort and pain when iv put on weight and I know if my symptoms gets worst it's time to hit the gym and eat healthier, you could try doing some strength exercises like sit ups and crunches aswel as cardio as personally that does help me ( and trust me I don't do loads and am in no way a fitness freak) also I read about the endo diet which im still getting to grips with, I got recommended to try and reduce the amount of gluteni ate, iv been in so much pain and also soooo lethargic I have it a go and noticed a big improvement even just changing pasta for gluten free pasta- hope this helps :-)

  • Hi hun iv been having this problem for 2 years and have all the symptoms of endo but the guyney doesn't think so, i take naproxen to take the edge of and I have found a hot water bottle tends to take most of the pain away but usually the pain comes back when the water bottle goes cool, try refilling it every our or so taking the naproxen in morning and night that way the water bottle doesn't cool and your stomach muscles stay relaxed,i really hope this helps you as i know how horrible this is xx

  • Hi yes I had the same problem & had a laparoscopy & endrometriosis removed 4 weeks ago & now the pain has gone when having sex. Hope this helps. x

  • I used to go numb from the pain after sex. Dont be embarrassed, it not like you asked for this disease. I would say make sure to talk to your partner and either abstain or do things that are a little more gentle on the body until after the lap. If they burn it off then you should be ok for a while. Understand though that many times the endo comes back. I had surgery once a year for 5 years til i finally begged for a complete hysterectomy. Best thing I ever did. By the way if your partner isnt understanding about your pain then get rid of him and focus on you and getting healthy.....just sayin.

  • I'm suffering with the same as you. It lasts over a week after too. It does get you down. I take nefopam and codeine (though not much has worked) I'm awaiting a diagnosis to find out what on earth is wrong with me. So fed up with it all :( - hot water bottles on my front and back often help me and I'm gonna try acupuncture this Thursday cos I'm that desperate for a relief. Xxx

  • Thanks girls for all your comments and advice bought some more heat patches today and more painkillers, got a drs appointment booked for Friday, hopefully will push the lap forward and be given some stronger pain killers, as for the endo diet does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks girlies xxx

  • Ps will update once been to appointment xxx

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