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I've been diagnosed with endo stage 3 five years ago and I've had three laparoscopies in the meantime. Unfortunately I've not seen any change in my pain after the ops and I felt there is nothing else to do because we were trying for a baby so I did not explore any other ops options...I think I'm only left with hysterectomy.

It's been 7 years since we have been trying and I've come to the point where I cannot go on like this mentally and physically.nits been extremely difficult but I've now made the decision to give up and true hope of getting pregnant and focus on my health and improving the quality of my life. In order to make my symptoms manageable for a few months until I discuss a long term solution with my doc I've decided to go on the pill. I've heard from other endo girls that they manage their periods by taking the pill continuously with no gap between the strips. So I started Rigevidon and took the two strips one after the other however after that I started having pre-period sympthoms like small cramping, fatigue, spotting etc. These are all the signs I get that my period is coming and I remember the GP saying that I will get a bleed even if I take the pills back to back so I then stopped he pill so I can have a period. The bleed was like usual but the clots were insane and the pain was worse than usual.

After the usual pain (2-3 days complete agony and disabled) I was left with very sore ovaries. They hurt for another 3-4 days and they felt inflated and like they were going to pop. My left ovary is stuck to my bowel and it's damaged and sometimes I get this sort of pain at ovulation but I've never had this soreness and pain from my ovaries at period. It was mainly on the left side but the right hurt too at times. It's a different pain from the period pain I usually get...it's sharper and more focused and it's more of a soreness than a pain. Not sure how to explain It...but the pain was new and unusual for me.

I'm waiting for a date to have my left ovary and tube removed but it's proving difficult to get the bowel and endo specialist in the same hospital at once which is very frustrating for me...in the meantime I'm taking Rigevidon.

Anyone else taking Rigevidon? Should I worry about my new sympthoms?

Any thoughts, advice?

Thank you:

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I was rushed in2 hospital nearly 3 yrs ago and had emergency surgery, they found all my insides had fused together, after 8hrs they managed to unstuck everything and had an overy removed, since then my periods and stomach cramps have been horrendous, couldn't leave the house, then 2 months ago I started a plan which involves natural supplements, I have already seen a difference,please please contact me and I can let you have the details, the lady I am.working with is amazing


Hi and thanks for your reply. I've been on supplements and I have hanged my diet for more than a year but unfortunately whilst I've seen small ch ages, overall it did not make such a big difference so I've gone back to "normal".

Thanks for the offer though.


I took rigevidon for a while and it made me absolutely crazy, I was permanently ill and in pain with it, mostly stomach cramping and bowel issues, so I got off it asap and felt like a new person. I'm on a lower doseage one now and that seems to be working better x


Hi Kate. I imagine you took Rigevidon to help with endo problems?

And you felt it made it worse? What are you taking now that works better for you?


I was on rigevidon for a year before they suspected endo and it was good just made me feel absolutely crazy, and then I went back on after the endo and it just made the pain worse. I'm on millinette now which is 20/70 so like half the dose. Not sure what it's doing for my endo but it allows me to manage pain enough to work full time which is a big bonus!

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