Bowel stuck to stomach?!

Hey ladies! Had my first lap yesterday and after years of suffering and Meds and tests finally got diagnosed with endo, it was behind my left ovary, on my right ovary and had apparently stuck my bowel and stomach together! Has anyone else had this? I've heard about bowel and ovaries stuck together and bowel and pelvic wall but not this! If anyone else has experienced this how long did it take to recover? I'm honestly in agony with what feels like severe period cramps and basically all my insides hurt!!

Thankyou!! Xxx

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  • Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • I was told my bowels were stick but consultant thought it was hilarious that I asked stuck to what. As I was still a bit zonked out that's all I got! Sorry I haven't got anything more helpful to say. X

  • can I ask was it removed excision ? mine was bladder and uterus stuck together and that was agony ! xx

  • Hi hon. My lap and excision was last week. My ovaries were stuck together and then my bladder, uterus and bowel were also stuck together. From my reading it seems to be thst the endo isn't fussy and can stick together just about anything! I'm the same as you in that I'm having period cramp type pains. I'm just keeping on with the painkillers they gave me but a hot water bottle helps massively! Also it was worse before my first bowel movement so I am eating prunes and taking peppermint oil capsules to help that along. Hope that helps a little. Wishing you a speedy recovery! xx

  • Thanks for your replies! Yes Clarepenny1 I had all the endo removed and they put fluid in my stomach to stop my bowel from sticking to anything which has made me look about 6 months pregnant! Emmac2010 thanks for the advice, the period cramps have been so bad, I was in tears last night, how long do they generally last for?

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