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Pain is entirely one-sided

Hello all, after coming off the pill 8 months ago (TTC for first time age 31) I immediately started with bad pains just on my left side, exactly where (I think!) my ovary is, but also sometimes right up to my diaphragm and sometimes on my back. The whole left side feels solid and heavy. Since coming off the pill I also get weird nausea spells in the night, weird twanging down legs and lower back when on period, total fatigue like I've never felt before, but the pain is the worst thing. I have never had unusual bowel movements like diarrohea or constipation other than short normal illnesses.

I am currently being sent between GP and gynaecologist whilst they do tests prior to a laparoscopy (ultrasound, ovulation, husband's semen, various other blood tests)... both are still weighing up whether it's more likely to be bowel/ IBS or endometriosis, and I'm trying Buscopan (for IBS) but not felt it stop the pain yet.

My question is: is it common or unusual for endometriosis pain to be entirely in one side of the body? I've never felt a thing on the right side. Does anybody else have experience of a one sided pain that ended up being diagnosed as either endo or bowel problems?

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Hi lovely.

My pain is mostly left sided and that is usually a sign of having Endo in the pouch of douglas it's a place between the uterus and the rectum, it seems to cause a left sided pain. I have recently had endometriosis removed from the pouch of douglas my syptoms are left sided pain, shooting pains down my leg back pain. I also get a lot of bowel symptoms which is mostly constipation but with a lot of pain when I go I am currently waiting for a colonoscopy to look at my bowel as I have a diagnosis of IBS aswell.

Endometriosis does cause fatigue I feel constantly drained and so tired all the time.

I hope that you manage to get some answers soon I think that it does sound like you have endometriosis symptoms specifically pouch of douglas which I classes as a specialist area and only certain specialists are able to to remove endometriosis from this area so it may be worth discussing this with your consultant.

Hope this helps

Jo xx

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Good evening

Are you from t U.K. ?

Please read my post - I am having constant left sided iliac pain !

Please share your experience with me

I look forward to your reply !


Hello .. I always expierance pain on my left side and it is very rarely on the right side! I think it is pretty common x


Hi, yes my pain is all one sided...mine is my right side...waiting for my second lap in mid may...I have a 6cm endometrioma on my right ovary too which they are getting rid of along with my other endo...



Mine is all right sided but i have two endometriomas on that ovary. Also have bowel symptoms on same side which is confusing me now u say the bowel stuff is all left sided....any ideas?


Hi - please click on my username and read my first post on endo and its many symptoms and the latest one on Pouch of Douglas endo which usually involves left side pain. See what you identify with. If this is suspected it should only be dealt with my an endo specialist from the start. Can you private message me with the name of the consultant you are seeing so we can check them out.


Hi are you still suffering?

Please look at my post if you have a little time - I’m experiencing left sided pain and ‘ heavy lower abdomen ‘

Please let me know what did you do ‘ to find the solution ‘

Best wishes


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