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Getting op report, first lap


Just had my first lap / cystectomy and heading home after 2 nights in hospital. I was shown a detailed report of the operation by a doctor yesterday, and was hoping to get access to that report myself, but when I asked a nurse about it just now, she said it would not be sent to my GP or be made available to me either. All that will be send to my GP is my discharge note.

I persisted and the nurse said I may be able to get something via PALS 'if I was that passionate about it', 'if you want to take the formal route'. Does this mean I have to make a complaint in order to see the details of my op?

What I was told by a doctor yesterday - A large endometrioma was removed, they found endometriosis and removed some but decided it wasn't worth removing it all, and they did not test my left fallopian tube (as requested by me). I'd really like to get the report so I can have all the details. Are they not obliged to provide it?

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Hi if get in touch with the records office at the hospital you can request a copy, there maybe a charge. Hope this helps. And good luck with your recovery.


Strange! They normally write to your GP on all the surgery carried out and send you a copy too. I got the letter which is on all the bits they removed. Don't understand what is there to hide? You are definitely entitled to view your personal record!

Hope you are recovering well.


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