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After lap - do you get a report of what was found



I saw my pain doctor today and he was telling me that after a lap you should get a discharge report of what was found during the lap. Is this actually true on the NHS? As I’ve read a lot of stories on here about not getting proper info from the surgeon after the lap and hardly any after care information.

I’ve got my lap on July and I’m really worried about the pain afterwards and the aftercare of the cuts.



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Iv yet to have my follow up appointment and it’s been 3 months since my op. You are informed of your diagnosis and sent home to recover, that was my experience anyway. There’s no further details until the follow up. It does feel like you are just left to get on with it on your own with a lot of unanswered questions.

K-Endo in reply to Purple40

I had the exact same experience, after care was just none existent . I’m 12 days post-lap and still trying to chase

Yas45 in reply to K-Endo

Really, did you not get any information about how to keep the wounds clean? I hope you get your follow up soon! How did you find the lap and the recovery?

Yas45 in reply to Purple40

Do you meet the surgeon for the follow up or is it your gynae? I hope you get your follow up soon as 3 months is a long time

I was told just before I went home but when I went back for my check up even the dr (different to who did the surgery and my earlier appointments) didn’t even have a copy!!

Yas45 in reply to hm89

Ok. Omg that is so frustrating! I’m so nervous about this because your waiting years to be treated seriously by the gp then the referral to the hospital takes ages before your put on the lap list

It takes time for them to write it up so I've never heard of people getting the report at discharge. Your surgeon will visit you and give you a summary though. Within a 1.5 I was able to get the report from my family doctor!

Yas45 in reply to Peebles2sarah

That’s what I thought but the pain dr sent a letter to my gp saying can you forward me the discharge summary report. I think I might have to ask the surgeon to give me the summary in writing before I leave. Is 1.5 a month and a half or a wee and a half?

Peebles2sarah in reply to Yas45

I meant week and a half sorry lol

I had a bit of a bad experience in the hospital after my lap, in that the doctor told me whether I had endo or not while I was still basically unconscious, and then they tried to discharge me and let me find out in three months time! I demanded my notes, so I had a copy of exactly where it was found, and I also arranged a phone call with the doctor for the following morning. That was perhaps a touch demanding, but you can definitely ask to see your notes and make a note of where they found endo and what they did :)

Yas45 in reply to SarahMia227

Thanks for the advice. I think I will properly do exactly the same because the pain dr was telling me that I get a discharge summary which I thought was unrealistic with the nhs.

I’ve got my pre op assessment a week before the lap so I will let the nurse know that I need my notes after the lap otherwise I’m not leaving because it’s so frustrating that your in pain for so long and it takes years to be taken seriously by doctors

I was sent home after 2 days with the info but it had to be done privately as there was a long waiting time for NHS hospitals. This was just over 5 years ago. I ended back in hospital as they inserted a coil and my body started to reject it.

Main thing to do is just to keep it clean and covered when washing. I was having a sponge bath throughout until it was semi healed. The doctor showed me what they found.

If you are worried about wound care I found the Alginate dressings that seal all around (Savlon do a good one) that you can get at boots etc are really good, as they keep the holes dry so you can shower etc. Usually last a good few days. I kept them covered for a week or so until happy they were well closed and not turned mucky!

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