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Lap Friday but no pre op?


I’m having my lap on friday finally!

Scared anxious nervous but that’s only normal.

I have asked about 4 times if I should have a pre op and nurses have said no every time. But worried that I haven’t had one, is this normal?

Thanks in advance x

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Hi I would say you do need a pre assessment so they can take your blood and see if your healthy enough for the op and plus if they need to know any information about your health, e.g other conditions. It is important I would say! Maybe get into with your gyno? x

Hi, Thankyou! I have spoken to the hospital and they said some people have them some people don’t which is a bit silly! I’ve never had an op before so how do they know I’m fit to do it!

Oh well I’m still having the op tomorrow as one has already been cancelled so cannot bear to go any longer! X

Hi. I had my lap a week ago, i had my pre op 3 weeks before my op and then i had to have some more bloods taken 3 days before my op. I’ve never heard of anybody having any op without a pre op assessment. I’d ring up the hospital xx

Hi Nicki, thank you. I have spoken to hospital and they said some people do some people don’t so still going in tomorrow for op! X

Ohh well its good to know that your op will still go ahead, last thing you’d have needed and wanted was to get there and it couldn’t have gone ahead! Wishing you all the luck for your lap ❤️😘 xxx

Yes I said to the hospital that it will not go down well if I go in tomorrow after asking 3/4 times about pre op and they say nope sorry can’t operate!

Thankyou very much xxx

Good!!! You’ll be absoloutly fine, i was a nervous wreck before mine, i was so lucky i was 1st one down to theatre so didn’t have much time to dwell on it xxx

Luckily I spoke to surgeons secretary yesterday and said how scared anxious I was plus having 1 cancelled already and she said she will put me first so fingers crossed I get in and out! Xx

I shall keep my fingers crossed for you! I was home for 2:30pm xxx

I didn’t have one. I filled in a form in advance about my medical history which we talked through on the day and I had no bloods taken. This wasn’t through NHS though so not sure if that makes a difference?

Seems like it’s the same for me! Been told some people have them some people don’t but oh well, hopefully they will run through things with me in the morning before to make me feel a little bit less on edge!

The nurse went through my form in detail and asked additional questions and then the anaesthetist did the same so don’t worry.

Oh good, this makes me feel a lot more at ease. Thankyou!

I also have my Lap on Friday too! I was told I didn't need a pre-op but I pushed and asked for one or I wouldn't of felt comfortable. They also took bloods and measurements and answered questions I had xxx

Good luck! I should of really but after called 3 times to get ‘no you don’t need one’ I just gave up. I called hospital 2 days ago to ask how what when everything goes on etc as I’ve never had an op before!

Hopefully we will both be fine, I’m sure we will. Please let me know how yours goes! Xx

Thank you you too!

How are you feeling about it? They did say to me it's not always needed for a Lap but I was more comfortable seeing someone first. The nurse did tell me that before surgery my consultant will discuss with me too. I will do we will stay in touch! xx

Very nervous, more nervous of going through all this and then saying ‘there’s nothing wrong with you?’ I think.

How about you? Xx

That's exactly what I'm thinking! And the thought of the surgery is scaring me xxx

Of course! I’m just thinking about recovery and all the telly I can catch up on haha! Is your op in the morning or afternoon? I have to be at the hospital for 12 xx

That’s interesting you have no pre op I’ve heard it happens a lot when you go private tho, don’t know if your private or nhs

.. I guess it gets you in faster too without a pre op on a person who has a healthy medical history..

My mum had her gallbladder removed as an nhs patient but at spire and she had her bloods taken 3 weeks before because her liver enzymes were high and but because was waiting months via nhs waiting so it kinda makes sense with a extra time and a health worry

. If your generally healthy and paying priviate / or are just healthy via nhs it all makes sense when you wouldn’t have it done.

Good luck!

Reading on what spire go by the do bloods the same day sometimes.

If any drs were worried you’d of had a pre op :)

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Hi Kate, Thankyou! Going through nhs so makes sense!

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Still all makes sense if your healthy :) good luck with it all you’ll be fine x when your ever under anaesthetic it’s like one minute your talking to the drs and next minute your in a different room and it’s alk been done.. kinda like magic haha

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Thankyou, I hope so haha! I’ve been told to make the most of the drugs and sleep when Im in recovery so I will definitely do that!

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