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Help! Laparoscopy side affect concerns!

Sorry, I need your advice again! I had a laparoscopy yesterday and was fine but today am.suffering! They removed extensive Endo and my bowel was stuck to other organs and that was sorted too. I have been given co codamol and Coamoxiclav antibiotic. I cant swallow the whole antibiotic, my throat hurts too much so had to break it up and swallow in pieces - I need to call tomorrow and ask for the liquid! I feel out of it, tired, headache, dizzy, sick and my face is bright red and hot! Is this normal? Never had an op before so do not know if this is normal? What are normal side affects? Thank you so much for your help guys xx

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Hi yes it's normal due to the anesthetic which can take several days to leave your system. Realistically I would say you're looking at at least 2-3 weeks before you feel like yourself. Just listen to your body and get plenty of rest.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

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Thank you Jean, I'm glad it is normal! Thank you x


I just had my lap two weeks ago so it's still very fresh for me. The day after the surgery is the worst because you've come off the strong meds they give you in hospital and still feel pretty out of it from the anesthesia. I had that tired/dizzy/sick feeling as well and my pain was pretty bad. That said, it sounds like my experience was a little different as I did not need to take antibiotics only pain meds once I was sent home. I also didn't have a warm, flushed face so perhaps you should check with the nurse or doctor to make sure you're not having any unexpected reaction. Feel better!!


Thank you, I am glad it is normal! I'm not sure why I was given antibiotics! I think it is to stop the risk of infection so maybe I more susceptible for some reason! The hotness may be me getting stressed, I'm not sure! Thank you for your help x


I was given antibiotics after a laparoscopy where they did a lot of extensive excision. I think you are more likely to be given them if you have a lot done just for them to be on the safe side. I did not need them for a more recent lap where a lot less excision took place. Yes I had similar symptoms to you after my op apart from I can't remember whether I had a hot face. I would get it checked out if the red face continues and/or you have a temperature as could be an allergic reaction to a particular brand of antibiotics or something else that needs to be treated. Hope you feel better soonx


Thank you for your help. I think maybe the red face is where I was panicking and getting myself in a fluster! I think I have developed Post Operative Sickness, which is not fun! Thank you! Not sure what I would do without this group! X


Mine was last week-I felt dizzy and not with it for around 3 days,very tender and hot flushes.Similar to yourself,I am now 7 days post op and starting to feel normal again but very bruised almost black! Just make sure your comfortable,don't over do it like I did and your face being red could just be a reaction to your pain relief.

Try to rest but keep mobile when able-I found keeping on my feet for half an hour or so each day helped me recover more quickly.Everybody is different and some people take longer to recover from anaesthetic -you have to remember you have been more or less put into a coma whilst the procedure has been done and your body will deal with this in its own way.

I keep forgetting I have had it done and go to pick things up or bend and my body quickly reminds me to slow down a little.

I am certain in a few more days you will start to feel more normal and the dizziness does pass. Make sure to eat well,drink lots of fluids and rest where able.


Thank you so much as you put my mind at ease - I'm glad its not just me! I cant wait til I can start being me again! X


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