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Exhaustion after Laparoscopy

Hi all - sorry to be posting again. I had my Laparoscopy on 9th of November, and I seem to be going from one extreme to another. I have been sleeping constantly all day and night pretty much until the last couple of nights, and now I have gone the other way. Last night I slept less than 5 hours, I couldn't get comfortable from the pain in my back and my incisions wounds are hurting me so much. Now, I just can't stop crying. I am supposed to be back at work on Monday, after two weeks off, but I feel nowhere near ready. I also think I may have an infection in my belly button from the incision, as it is seeping slightly. I called up the hospital yesterday and they said to monitor it for 24 hours, but I may have to go back up and get a swab and more antibiotics (I had some right after the op). I don't think the cabin fever is helping at all. Yesterday I was on my own all day as my sister and boyfriend were working, but I am just too exhausted to leave the flat. I have pretty much lived in my PJ's for the last 12 days :-)

Sorry to have a rant - I just wondered if all of this is normal?xxx

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Hi there

I had my lap on 12th November and I'm pretty much at home And in bed watching tv. I went out only yesterday cause I had to see my gynae. Your body needs time to recover and it is different for each of us. Try to go for a drive (you the passenger) just to get out of the house for a bit.

As for the possible infection of the incision you should not leave this for a long time. It could be easily an infection. With proper antibiotics you will be fine.

Jo x


Hi ladies,

thanks for the tips and advice. I have called the hospital and they have asked me to go up and see them this evening when my boyfriend gets home to drive me up there.

It is pretty uncomfortable and sore, and definitely is itching, red and oozing from the hole - so, am thinking, yes it is infected.

Thanks again ladies.



Hi, unfortunately exhaustion is very common after a lap, especially if you have a condition such as adenomyosis or endometriosis. Please ensure that you seek medical attention with

an infection and if you have not already been screened for adenomyosis - discuss it with your surgeon. Kind regards, Danielle Wright, Founder of the Adenomyosis Advice Association.


Thanks Danielle - yes, I have endometriosis. I haven't actually heard of adenomyosis before, saying that endo is only relatively new to me.

I went to the hospital last night and do have an infection, so have been given a weeks worth of antibiotics and another week signed off work to rest.... Hopefully that will be just the rest I need, as I have to admit I am slightly worried about all this time off work. They are being brilliant, and are a big company, so I can't imagine it would ever be a problem, but I can't help worrying.


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I had mine 4 weeks ago and I'm still like that, I'm in too much pain and too exhausted to do anything, I can manage a 10 minute trip around the supermarket and that's it. So I think it's normal and as others have said you probably had a lot of work done inside and also the anaesthetic can stay in your system for around 2 weeks making you more tired than usual. I wouldn't go back to work until you're feeling stronger, it can take up to 6 weeks to feel normal again apparently. I don't think your workplace can complain about you have timing off surgery, but I know it's always a worry no matter how good the company are.

Just remember to be gentle with yourself though and that it's still early days, especially with an infection to contend with as well.



hi sorry your feeling rubbish, i think the lap and the lasering is the most painful thing ever and i had a few things done, ive had bone shaved off my shoulder, a very bad wrist fracture that needed reconstruction and a plate fitted and nothing is as bad as the four laps ive had, they maked me laugh at the hospital when they say a week off , who are they kidding ive never been back before about 5/6 weeks after, perservere its get better and hopefully it will be worth it, mine always have, keep positive :)


I had a laparascopy to remove a right ovarian cyst with torsion that was pushed up behind my bladder, along with endometriosis and adhesions on friday 02/27/2015. I went back to work monday. I have had about 16 of these same surgeries to remove cysts and endometriosis since I was 12 years old. I have never taken more than 3-4 days off work and that was for my first few surgeries. Usually I can have one done on friday and be back to work monday or tuesday. I do not see this as normal for anyone after a minimally invasive surgery as such. I even had my gallbladder removed by laparascopically and was back to work in 4 days. You need to go back to your doctor asap. I can't imagine taking off 4-6 weeks for this. I have had an open pyelectomy on my right kidney which is basically the same surgery as a kidney transplant, however, they just repaired the kidney not replaced it. I had 48 staples with that surgery and was in the hospital about 2 and a half weeks and at home another 4 days, but went back to work around 3 weeks later. I have also had 2 cesarean sections and went back to work within a week or so.

Each person recovers differently and I push myself to get up and walk and get going sooner than I probably should because they more you move, the faster the trapped gas escapes from your shoulders and the sooner you heal and feel better. Lying around always can make you feel worse. I bet you have an infection or something and wouldn't wait to long before I would get it checked. My theory is.....if you feel worse 3 days after the operation than you did before you had surgery, you probably didn't need surgery that bad in the first place. An operation is a last resort for me, especially for this type of thing because it can cause more adhesions later which will require another operation. I have never felt worse the 4th day after surgery than I did before the operation without there being a complication of some sort. Best of luck and I hope it isn't anything to serious.


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