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Post pre-assement =(

Hi Ladies, I've just got home from my pre-assement and now I'm full of nerves. I didn't find it helpful at all. I asked questions and the nurse seemed clueless. To top it off the Phleobitimist hit a nerve in my right arm which has now left me with shooting pains all down the right hand side of my body. Not looking forward to surgery at all now & it's really put me off! =( xx

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Oh. Don't be put off, this could be the beginning of your new life, hopefully pain free, have you been diagnosed already or is this what it's for, are they going to excuse if found

You will be fine, when's the lap



I haven't been diagnosed yet. I have my lap on the 4th January. Apparently they're going to do the excision at the same time if they find any endo & also a dye test to check my tubes. I've never had an operation before so not sure what to expect x


This is exactly what I've just had nothing to worry about I had cysts on my tubes they took them off put the dye through and took endo off my cervix I must say it's very uncomfortable as expected but you will be ok I was very nervous xxx


Hi allyshia!

I had my 1st lap last Thursday..I've never had any kind of operation before either and it was fine..but groggy when you come around and this past week I would say has been slightly uncomfortable and incisions a bit itchy but nothing major!

I have had pain but that's probably due to the fact that I came on my period a few days ago so I don't think it's related to the lap.

The reason I wanted to reply to you is because after you have it not many questions are answered either and because you said you didn't have much answered before going for it I thought I'd give you a bit of a heads up to know you probably won't know much after either.

I thought I was going to come out with a diagnosis,and to be told everything bad was gone and given meds or something but all I was told was Fallopian tubes are clear,cyst was removed from 1 overy (which is what I went in to have removed in the first place) and then I was told I had severe endo on pelvic area and bowel and that I would get another appointment in 8 weeks then I was sent on my way...I wasn't even told what endo was..after finding this forum that seems to be the standard after your first lap.

Apparently at your 8 week follow up they tell you more and discuss options etc.

I was given the standard 1 week sick note as they can only give a week but you can get further weeks from your gp if you call your surgery.

Personally for me I was told I would need 2 weeks as he ended up making 4 incisions instead of 2 and I am an air hostess so because of the heavy lifting and air pressure etc a week wouldn't be enough but if I was in an office were I would be able to get away with comfortable trousers/flat shoes then personally for me I think a week would be fine (I wouldn't recommend tight trousers/jeans or heels as it digs in too much and is uncomfortable but take your time and go black when you feel you can.

Only other thing I will say is I've been very emotional crying a lot and very bored home alone lol so make sure people visit or you have things to keep you occupied!

Best of luck with everything

Adele x


Sorry for the few auto corrects in that post! 🙈 iPhones drive me mad sometimes! Haha any ways don't worry about it and good luck with everything!


Hey, pre-assessment is always pants, they aren't experts and have a heavy workload.

Here's a link that may help - endo-resolved.com/laparosco...

Only things I would add, after surgery you may be constipated due to painkillers etc and in a few people the bladder is uncooperative and require intermittent catheterisation. Both of these issues resolve in a few days and frankly you'll be too drugged up and sleepy to care much! You also might feel some discomfort in upper body and shoulders as the gas they pump your tummy with dissipates. Walk about as much as you can and try chewing peppermint sweets, drinking peppermint tea as it helps.

Any other questions just ask.

And nobody looks forward to surgery, that's all totally normal! Xx

Ps very good they will do excision and dye test at the same time!! Fab for you, gets it all over with in one go!


Well the pre op us basically for them to see if you are fit for surgery , etcI've had 5 pre ops now they weren't helpful to me but I didn't expect them to be either .

Don't let that put you off ,being nervous is completely normal try and remain posistive for the future of how surgery could help,all the best to you .


Thank you ladies for all your comments. I'm sure it will be fine just the fear of the unknown I guess. Xx


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