Laparoscopy in 12 days - starting to feel nervous!

I've read a few stories on here of people being really ill for some time after a lap, and I'm so nervous about having it done. I cancelled the last one because I wanted to believe the pain was all in my head and I'm just being a whimp. But I know my own body and vomiting in bed with pain can't be normal. I want to be brave and find out what's happening in there but I'm scared of making a problem worse with surgery!

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Hey, there is always a risk of being sick after an op, i had my lap in june last year and i wasnt sick after it, i felt fine, just sore. It will be the best thing for you in the long run, i felt like the pain was all in my head but after having it done and when they found endo, and other things i noticed that it wasnt in my head that it was actually there, and that i needed treatment. I hope your op goes well and that you get all the answers that you need!

Good luck

Thank you for the reassurance xxxx you've all made me feel ready for it :))

I had mine 2 and a half years ago - you'll be amazed at the difference you feel if they find endo and get rid of it. Things you don't even notice and think are normal - you'll realise it wasn't when it stops! I was sore and had 10 days off work - you'll be signed off for at least a week. Honestly it's only keyhole so not that bad and you'll finally know what's going on and get answers so please persevere and have it done. It's for the best x

Thanks so much for the reassurance :) I'm sure il be fine and il be sooo relieved if I get an answer for all these problems I have had for so many years x x

I ha mine in June, and i really think it was the best thing i did. I was in lots of pain beforehand and was like you - so so anxious. I worry about all the tiny possibilities that go with having an op, but i would have it done tomorrow again in a heartbeat. The worst bit for me was the shoulder pain afterwards, but if you tell the nurses they will try and make you more comfortable and give you some good painkillers.

Don't be scared, you'll be fine :)

Good luck

Emma x

Thank you Emma x I've stocked up on peppermint cordial and tea for the shoulder pain. I had it quite bad after my cesarean and actually found that the most painful part xx I'm glad having a lap helped u and it gives me hope :) xxx

If you can go through a c-section you will most definitely be ok after this! In my book new mums post c-section are hero's! Just focus on the relief it will bring. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous, I am having my biggest surgery yet next week and I am bricking it, the only thing that stops me cancelling is the thought of having a pain free day!

Best of luck and I hope you get all the answers you need xxx

Thanks for your reply :) I hope your surgery goes well xxxxxxxx

I'm waiting for lap too with all endo symptoms. I can't wait for it... although I'm nervous I just can't cope like this!

Stay strong! :)

Hi, there is an element of relief that something's getting done - whether it be endo or not. But I'm worried about making even more problems - but I feel the same as u I can't go on like this and don't think it could actually get any worse (praying hands!). Xx I'm having a hysteroscopy as well and the marina fitted. Thanks for all the positive words ladies it helps a lot. I've had two emergency cesareans so this shouldn't be too bad lol (praying hands again) x

Ah hun, I just had my first lap done yesterday in fact I'm writing this laying in my hospital bed! It really is nothing to worry about the pain I'm experiencing is just trapped gas which is completely normal...I even had some areas of endo removed and I really don't feel bad at all and the coil fitted!'ll be fine, thinking of you :)

Thank so much xx I'll keep you updated :) I really hope the coil helps us xxx

Fingers crossed! Keep me posted x

Hi everyone. I'm not sure if you've seen my post but I had my lap results last night and I've got stage 2 endo and severe adhesions - not sure if that's from my sections or endo. I was pretty out of it when he told me what was what but he's bak round this morn so I can find out more xxx

Thank so much xx I'll keep you updated :) I really hope the coil helps us xxx

Hope it goes well, I've got mine on monday. Nervous as my last ( to remove a cyst) was a emergency. Haven't slept right all week.. its daunting but be strong. X

I've got my pre op Monday an then the lap the following Monday :/ x ill be on my period when I have the lap :( I've got really bad pains/nausea/gas now and sore boobs which means I'm due next week. I'm kinda glad though because if it is endo it'll be easier for them to see. I hope all goes well lovely x keep us updated! X

Don't feel nervous I have had 3 and they were fine. They fill your tummy with air so you do feel sick after but this soon passes. I felt bruised for a few days and walked slightly bent over but was back playing netball 4 days after 1st on and back to work 5 days after 3rd one. Just rest and not do too much in few days will be find good luck x

Wow really? Netball after 4 days! X that's really reassuring. I'm more excited to have it now to get some answers because the pains kicked in again and I feel shattered. It's either severe pms, dysmenorrhea (what I got diagnosed with when I collapsed with my periods when I was 11) and IBS - or endo. At least I'll have some answers. Soon :) I've only waited 18 years ha. Thanks so much for all the kind words I feel so much more relaxed about having it done now. And I feel like kicking myself for cancelling the last one! I hope the marina stops all the bleeding and eases the pain. Il let you all know the outcome once I've had the op x x

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