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1st lap in 6 days, tips on how to recover better


I have my 1st lap on Monday and am very nervous, the thought of having anaesthetic is really scaring me :(

Has anyone got any tips on what helps you recover quicker? I have been eating really healthy and exercising a lot leading upto it, just wandering if any drinks creams etc may help?

Also, are people typically off work for 1 week?

Any help and advice is appreciated,


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Any surgery can be quite daunting but I had one 3 years ago and all went well as I am sure most do.

As far as recovery goes just make sure you take it easy. You will be very sore for a few days so don't push it and let your body recover.

The worst pain was the trapped wind for me. They kind of fill you up with air so they can see more in your tummy but when they are done its just left there and it took me days to shift it. Best remedy for me was sipping flat lemonade and lying in the foetal position on your left side when you can. I'm certain other people will have other tips for moving it along.

I was signed off for a week and at the time I had quite a physical job and feel I would have benefitted from a bit more time as my scars took a little time to heal properly (don't scratch them because I did and they got infected and gross). Again play it by ear and see how you feel. If you need more time then take it.

It sounds as though you have prepared your body for it though and I am certain all will go well.

Good luck with the op and take care of yourself



Heya! I had my first laparoscopy 2 Saturdays ago. Was surprised at the recovery time as it took longer than I thought to be able to get back into normal life (I thought it would be 2 days haha but it actually took a week).

Nerves are so normal but soon it'll be over and done with and you'll be fine, my tummy's still swollen but the pain is so manageable now 10 days on as it's barely there.

Some tips,

It's different for everyone but I had quite bad pain when I first came home after the procedure because the carbon dioxide gas they blow into your abdomen gets trapped underneath your diaphragm which hurts there and then that pain defers to your shoulder too. To manage the pain better I found that putting something warm like a hot water bottle on my diaphragm area helped! (the gas pains eventually go away as does the gas, I'd say mine was bad for like 2 days but it's different for everyone so you may not even have that)

Don't eat big meals that are very stodgy because they bloat you and it gets sore, have light things like soup (definitely have soup) with a small bit of bread and butter and eat little and often. You might not feel like eating but it is really important to eat so eat only what you can manage but do it regularly.

Drink lots of water!

Be patient, it can be super frustrating not being able to move as well as you could before but just accept that you'll need a few days of very minimal activity so have some films lined up that you want to watch or even some work for the later days (nothing too difficult).

Take small walks and do small exercises like sitting down and placing your feet firmly on the floor and then lifting your heels with your toes on the ground and then lifting your toes with your heels on the ground. Don't over-do it though.

Go outside and get some fresh air.

Have lots of sleep as your body needs time to recover. You'll probably find the smallest of tasks really tiring in the first few days which is fine just sleep it off!

Make sure you have lots of pillows so that you can prop yourself up in bed or if you're sitting on the sofa. I found lying down quite painful in the first 3 days so I would definitely recommend not doing that.

Take showers for the first 4/5 days and then have baths (I can't remember why but my doctor told me that).

Also they'll give you painkillers most probably but mine gave me bad headaches so after the first 3 days I stopped taking them. But if you're taking the painkillers or not definitely still take regular paracetomal and ibuprofen (don't exceed having 4 doses in a day) it really helps with the pain.

Also don't worry if you're super emotional and cry more than you normally do as that's so normal and you'll be back to your old self in no time!

This is all the stuff that applied to me and of course it's different for everyone depending on the person and their treatment (I had a laparaoscopy that removed some endometriosis in my womb) but I hope some of it helps for you!

Honestly I was so nervous, everytime I even have an injection someone has to come and hold my hand while I scream, and it was so fine! Of course there's pain and recovery can be really frustrating but for me at least I was home for a week and now have come back to uni.

These might help a speedier recovery but just give yourself time, good luck and don't be nervous! Xxxxx


great info.thank yooooou as I have lap in two weeks too xxxx


Ive had my 2nd laproscopy today. I woke from the anastheitic shaking quite bad but thats me just had to keep the oxygen on, ask for blankets to keep you warm and try and stay lay down for aslong as possible to let the gases pass. Peppermint cordial and hot water is great for getting the gases out xx


Hiya, I have had 5laps now and find a good week for recovery but 10 days to two weeks you should find you are feeling relatively normal. All my procedures have resulted in a 2 week sign off from work but last time in Jan I was back to work (with Fit note) 10 days after surgery.

It will depend a little I think on how much Endo they might find and laser away and the number of incisions and of course how you respond to surgery and how your body heels.

I felt sore and very tired for a few days after and as mentioned the bloating a not great and I'd avoid trying to bend as it can be uncomfortable.

Peppermint tea can help with bloating and of course avoid foods that link to bloating with you if any. I suffer with constipation severely with my Endo so with Drs approval a few days before I took laxatives and suppositories only because I would be backed up and then to have to struggle after Op wouldn't have been ideal (sorry for TMI!).

You're doing the right things keeping fit and healthy. And possibly a couple of days later you'll possibly feel pretty good but you're body is just really I found feeling better than it was and I over did it going shopping and it knackered me out so really rest up.

I hope your lap goes well, I'm sure you'll be fine and whilst it isn't nice to have surgery, laps are fairly minimally invasive (somewhat).

Oh I have anti sickness meds now as first lap lest me vomiting after anasthetic but that's different for each individual I think.

Best wishes x

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Hi good luck for your op i have mine the day after you but am also having a cyst and ovary removed and i was told at my pre op i will be signed off work for 2-4 weeks x


My top tips -- Peppermint tea and windeaze tablets for the gas and dulcoease to make going to the toilet easier after the op.

I had three weeks off work after mine, I'd had excision during my lap and felt I needed the full three weeks.

Lots of rest and go easy on yourself


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I was actually quite impressed with my own lap recovery time. Within a week a was at least able to drive myself around to run errands and such. I have a couple comments on recovery. First, it was highly recommended to me that I didn't allow myself to just lay around. Starting on day 2 of recovery I would get up as many times a day as I could and just walk a few laps around the house. Even though I was very slow moving and easily tired at first I think it probably helped. I also drank so much water.... which seemed to help me feel pretty well overall, but emptying my bladder was fairly painful for even a few weeks after my surgery (that was the only problem that seemed to linger after I otherwise felt back to normal.) Lastly, I hope you do not have the problem I had with constipation. I assume the combination of anesthesia, pain killers, etc. wasn't a good one, but even though I started taking a stool softener immediately after surgery I was extremely constipated for 6 full days! I ended up having to drink a full bottle of magnesium citrate (I think that's what it's called.) Good luck!


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