Is this the normal back pain associated with endometriosis?

I have the usual lower back pain (like a really bad period pain) all the time but I am also getting a pain much higher up my back which I can only explain as a winding pain? It feels like I've been punched and winded on either side of my back sometimes and have only had the pain since I have had endometriosis, as far as I'm aware. Do any of you other ladies get these similar pains or is this something different?

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Hi I get this pain too. My back gets very tight and sore. X

Me too. I think it is referred pain from the stomach which is irritated every month, and I get gastritis and can't cope with most food, have to be very careful not to eat wheat, dairy at this time of the month. X

Hiya back pain is actually one thing they use to help decided it could be endo. It could be referred pain from the tummy but it could also but the endo on your spin. A lady I know had her endo grow up her spin. I have back pain which started the same time as my tummy pain. They still don't know if mine is related tho because my family suffer wth back problems so I have twice the pain but yes back pain is very common with endo xx

I get a lot of back pain; it has dogged me for years. Tends to be located on the upper right hand side of my back around where a kidney is. Have frequent flare-ups. Have been to an osteopath who said it was muscle tension! I am not so sure now.....x


I'm glad to see I'm not alone. Endo is a weird illness, isn't it? I reckon that there are a whole load of symptoms that us women with Endo suffer, that doctors aren't even aware of, or would not even relate to Endo!

Anyway, I can sort of understand where you are coming from with this back pain issue. I have back pain with my Endo. It is mostly lower back, and predominantly radiates out from the middle of my back, generally slightly worse on one side or the other (often my right side). It can be aggravated by walking, stretching, housework, things like that. It tends to be there all the time, at best as a dull, but slightly nauseating aching. At worst it is a cramping very sharp pain. I joke sometimes that it feels like I've been kicked by a horse!

However, I do also get pain higher up, again mostly on my right hand side. It is sort of at rib level, and is sharp and very uncomfortable pain. I have noted that it is worst around the time of my periods, and also worst when I breathe in. My back and right side feel tight (like they might if you have bruised ribs, or if you have been coughing too much). I would describe the pain as starting on a level just above my waist, and ending just below my armpit. Worst at the back and side, no pain at the front.

I have no idea if this is the same pain that you describe... but it does sound similar. My pain has also only been present, as far as I can recall, since I've had Endo. I just wondered if maybe you would like to reply to this post, and let me know a little more. I've heard that some people can get Endo that spreads to their lungs; however, my Doctors refuse to even entertain the idea of this, so I cannot discuss it with them. It would be great to share experiences with somebody who is going through something similar.

Best wishes,

Elaine Ellis.

Thank you for your reply Elaine, your pain does sound similar to mine in some ways. I get the pain mainly on my right side too and at about rib level however sometimes (like right now as im typing this) it feels like it is in the centre of my back where my bra does up and to the right of this. The pain feels like ive been punched a lot but it is also sharp and yes mine too gets worse with moving around. At the moment I can't even stand for longer than 15 minutes without the pain become so intense I have to sit or lay down. Simple tasks like washing up seem so difficult and I have to really breathe through the pain!

Although my gynaeocologist is aware of my pain back I do not know if he understands just how far up and how extreme the pain can be so this is something I will explain to him in my next appointment at the end of next month as since my laparoscopy last month the pain is getting worse.

It is comforting to know I am not the only one experiencing pain like this and I am now wondering if the endo could have spread to more places I am not aware of.

Hi Elaine,

I totally can relate. I have exactly the same sharp pain under my ribs and breathing is extremely painful. My gynecologist sent me to an internist who did not get much further. I suspect that it certainly has to do with endometriosis! My gynecologist did make the connection between the endometriosis and the nasty shoulder pain that I occasionally have. You seem to be able to have endometriosis under your ribs, which then irritates a certain muscle which then travels to your shoulders.

Sorry for my English by the way! I come from the Netherlands (there is not really a public forum here that I can turn to).

I find it very nice to read that there are so many similar complaints and that I am not the only one.

I am sorry to hear you have back pain too. Yep, I get it in the middle of my back in the middle of the shoulder blades - it is like a dull ache. I also get it on my ribs - it is really sharp just underneath the ribs, it is like someone is stabbling me. I bawled my eyes out tonight as now getting it on my shoulders. I had endo back in May 2012 (had tissue lasered away, but that was on a ligament behind the womb), but it seems it has reoccured. I see my gynaecologist on the 6th March and before then having an MRI scan - abdo. Had loads of x-rays, but nothing showed up so must be endo. Also having fatigue problems and often feel faint. I am finding it hard to cope to be honest. Endo tissue can affect any part of your body.


I've just started to get this and have been in so much pain with it! I have endometriosis but didn't think it could cause this! I have pain in my shoulder blade area and feel as though I've been smacked, I feel as though my breathing is really forced too

Was getting really worried

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