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Panicking about recovery time


After reading another post about recovery after second op, I am now panicking.

My situation is - I was diagnosed with endo with exploratory lap in April at the grand old age of 37 having suffered with severe pain since I was about 15. Surgeon said I was riddled with endo, so much so that he couldn't remove any. All he could do was release my ovaries and tubes as they were attached to my womb. My womb was really being tilted by the endo etc

The recovery for this wasn't pleasant at all, as I lot of you will know as you've been there.

Well - I have my second op this Thursday, to remove the endo. I am a single Mum to a 4 year old and she is going to her Dad's Thursday to Sunday so that I have a few days to recover (I remember being up all night of the last one due to the pain of having the trapped air). This is good as last time my daughter kept sitting on my lap :S

Anyways - I am worrying as I have two jobs which I do from home, with one I have a week extension so gives me a week off from that. The other job I've told them I'm unavailable this Thursday and Friday, but available from Monday. AND - me being the crazy lady that I am, went for an interview last night and now have a third job. They want me to start asap. I've told them I'm having an op on Thursday so might not be able to start straight away - like, not at the beginning of next week.

So - essay written, I am now massively panicking that I'm just not going to be well enough to do all my jobs and look after my daughter/get her to preschool etc next week. HELP! Please can people tell me that they recovered quickly from a similar situation??? I am not sleeping at the moment, like hardly at all and I just feel so stressed out and down :'(

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I am afraid it probably will take longer to recover for the second operation. The general rule is for every day you spend at the hospital you need a week off. I stayed 3 nights/ 4days, felt 4 weeks off is about right for me. Although 3 weeks at a push is possible.

Do you know how long you going to be in hospital for? You have to take it easy otherwise it will take even longer to recover.


Oh I think it's a day op? So I'll be home in the evening. I hope so :O x


Hopefully you should be ok after two weeks off. The hospital tends to discharge the patient a bit too early. One person I know was told to go at midnight !

Hope your operation goes well


Thanks :) I have 4 days :/ Oh well x


Hi - you will be having major surgery and the recovery time just can't be judged. You will probably need at least a month to assess how you feel. The most important issue is that it is being done by a suitably skilled excision surgeon. We talked before - is it definitely a BSGE surgeon?


Oh, I always assumed it wasn't that major as in and out in a day :/

Yes it is :) You checked for me thanks. Getting pretty nervous now x


You were so right about it being major surgery, this is what the surgeon told be befordhand and afterwards. IT was a shock though as thought I'd be in and out in a day :(


Just be gentle with yourself and accept all the help offered. x


Thanks, will do.

Just looking at my notes and I had ureterolysis and adhesiolysis performed - I'm guessing that endo HAS to have something to do with me getting about 14 UTI's in 12 months? Apparently I had LOADS of scarring, mostly odd, along my bladder and bowel.

Anyone know what a "retroperitoneal space operation" is?

On my discharge letter it notes: Outpatient follow up: In clinic in 6 weeks in endometriosis clinic. But no one said anything to me about this so should I assume they'll contact me with an appointment?


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