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Recovery hell

Had my second op on Thursday and was kept in overnight as such a big procedure. 2.5hr op to remove lots of mainly old scarring from my bladder, bowel and ovary.

It's the trapped air pain that's the worse at the moment, the pain is just too much and I can't cope.

Then there's the sore bloated stomach and back ache - which I don't think is even related to endo.

Think I'd rather have endo issues than this recovery :(

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough. Even if you can move around a little will really help disperse the gas, easier said than done I know! Stay on top of your pain meds and be gentle on yourself. It will pass.

Best wishes x


Also, I

Virtually deaf in one ear since waking up from op and it's not getting any better. Anyone know if this is normal/caused by anaesthetic? Will it get better?


Get some peppermint tea and tablets, try walking slowly around the house, and rest loads, the air/gas pain won't last long, good luck xx


Thanks. Does it work though? They gave me peppermint water in hospital and it didn't help. I've had this over a day now and moving around is what makes it excruciating :( It's awful x


Hi I am 2 days post op and still in hospital. I should have been home yesterday but my bladder decided to stop working. After two catheters I am back on track. I mention this because due to the bladder not emptying properly my abdomen was hugely distended, rock hard and created excruciating pain abdo and in my back. Are you going to the loo properly. They told me it was one of the most common reasons for readmission. Hope you start to feel better soon. Ps they didn't find any endo in the end, just masses of adhesions sticking everything together. It looks like more surgery in the future but with bowel surgeons as all gynae stuff now sorted. I really hoped this surgery would fix everything. 😩


Oh no, poor your :( Yeah they let me home after catheter out and I'd wee'd three times. Also, depending if pain was manageable and to be honest, I lied a bit about that :S So I came home, and really really regretted it. I was in so much pain it was unbearable. But this was the air I think. I still have bad pain in both shoulders but my diaphragm - at least I think it's that, is SO painful. The tiniest breath in and it kills, I sound awful as breathing hurts. Is this normal? Is this the air again? Thought it would have subsided by now as had the op Thursday afternoon.

I had adhesions and bits stuck at diagnostic lap in April - surgeon back then mentioned that there was scarring....but he didn't say how serious it was - I only found that out half an hour before going under on Thursday, was so scary


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