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Lap and mirena coil ??

Hi everyone. Had my consultants apt today with Dr. Razvi (has anyone seen him for endo??? Based in Essex) who has confirmed I have a large chocolate cyst in my left ovary (5cmx5cm) safe to say I'm distraught. Have been referred for a lap and he has advised the mirena coil for afterwards as over weight. I have some real fears about the lap as I'm concerned it will cause damage to other organs and also terrified of the coil as heard such horror stories. Has anyone Been through the same and have any advice for me ? I'm so upset and scared and no one around me understands .

Please help thank you X

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Laparoscopys do hold their risks but I had one and was fine took about a week or so to feel like I do normal work (I'm a health care assistant in a hospital so quite physical) but I would say about the coil ask if there is other options for you because I had one put in when I had a laparoscopy and I had an awful time with it it felt like it was scratching the inside of tummy and I had constant bleeding and they wouldn't take it for 6 months as that's how long it takes to "settle" others I know who have had it have been fine and have had them for 5 years and had them replaced but my personal experience with them is not a good one I'm now on the pill and have had to try 5 different ones to find one that suits me but I felt abit more in control because if I had bad side effects I knew I could stop them at any time (one made me sick every day for a week stopped taking it and was fine) so maybe just ask if there is anything else that you can have and good luck its normal to be scared I'm going in for another laparoscopy next month and I'm still nervous even though I've been through it before x


Hi Absmyth1,

I've had 2 laps ops and although I got infections in my wounds on both ops, I had little pain and was up and about properly and driving after 3 weeks. Also your shoulder will hurt only because of the gas they use to inflate your abdomen, but that will ease after a few days.

Make sure they don't just drain the cyst either as it will only refill and you'll be back at square one. This has happened to me both times but I only found out after I had come round, they now say that because I'm overweight they won't operate and remove my left and only ovary which has a mass of cysts on it, so have been in Zoladex injections for the past 3 years for pain management.


Hi please don't panic have had a lapand lazor before and was fine x had mirena coil fitted awake at the hysteroscopy app and went shopping straight after but alittke sore then home with feet up. Had spotting for a while so asked for mini pill as top up very low dose it has been the best decision I ever made. Everyone's different so your experience could be fine. I'd go for it good luck

Persil x


Good lord, how on earth were you able to go shopping after having a hysteroscope and mirena coil? Did you have a local anaesthetic? I didn't have anaesthetic and boy oh boy was I in agony! It's the first and only time I've ever felt that i was going to throw up or pass out from the pain. My husband had to almost carry me to the train to get home and I was having contractions all the way home and into the next day. My advice to anyone is to have the coil put in and hysteroscope while under general anaesthetic for the lap.


Oh bless you I was in pain and only went to one shop but I didn't get a choice at the time and did suffer after. Period like pains but once that settled down things got much better x I

It was my best decision. We're all different no one knows if the Mirena will suit so it's your decision. Best of luck to you hope it works out well. Xx


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