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Spotting for nearly 4 weeks

Ok so i had a mass removed from just abover my c section scar in July which they beleived at the time was a suture granuloma, turns out it was endo and I have now been diagnosed as having abdominal wall endo caused by my c section November 2014. I dont have any symptoms of endo elsewhere and have never really suffered with heavy or painfull periods. I dont beleive I have endo in my pelvis, however a couple of weeks after the surgery I had a period and have not stopped bleeding since its been four weeks now it is now like browny pink blood. i have been on the same pill for years and this has never happened before? Any ideas? X

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I had mass of endometrial cells removed in July and I bled for about two weeks after it but my period was late I was on hormone treatment if ur worried about it please go and c ur gp I also had a c section in 2013 and had aheadions in pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb xx


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