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What’s causing spots on my chin?

Is it hormones?

It’s mainly around the middle of my cycle but can happen at any point as well. I’ll have a breakout around and on my chin despite eating so healthy and I drink a lot of water a day.

Are spots in this area hormonal or to do with gynaecological problems such as endo?

I feel like I’m overthinking the spots and where they are but I never had acne as a young teen or even now I’m 19. But last 6 months or so I’ve been getting spots in the same area and at the same time roughly. I get a little down with them as I take such care of my skin and stuff

Anyone know what is happening or have the same issue?

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Personally I think my acne is due to endometriosis as I never had acne as a teenager just the odd spot but since my endometriosis has gotten worse as ive gotten older (im 25 now) i do suffer from acne which is particularly bad just before and during my cycle. Sorry if this is tmi but I also get abscesses on my groin area that also occur just before my cycle so I think it could be related to endo x


I’m still waiting for a lap but I ha e textbook symptoms etc but I really hate the spots that just random appear 😫 xx


TMI is more of what we need.. got to find a cure!


I never had great skin or particularly bad skin but spots mostly tended to be on my chin. Normally one huge one around my period, so I can definitely link it to my hormones.

When I came off the pill a few years ago at 35 my skin got a lot worse. Different kind of smaller spots all over my chin and the hugest spot I’ve ever had once. It’s calmed down a bit but I do still get flare ups around my period. Currently have two large spots on my chin.

Not sure what the answer is though. I’ve spent heaps of money on different creams etc and not sure they make much of a difference.


I take good care of my face and use a few products but spot creams never work for me, sometimes it makes them worse


I'm 19 as well and have the same issue. never had acne growing up, but recently since going back on the progesterone only pill ive been getting such bad spots on my chin and cheeks. I take really good care of my skin as well. i think it is hormone related and also could be to do with stress, im still waiting for full results about my lap x


I don’t take any contraceptive pills anymore and I’m not stressed as far as I’m aware anyways haha. It’s so frustrating as I’ve woken up this morning with more appearing on my chin 😫 but they only appear at certain times xx


yeah ive woken up with more painful big spots on my chin this morning too :/ its probably just something to do with your cycle and hormones. doctors can do blood tests that measure hormones, i had mine done and one of my hormones was higher than it should be, it was the one to do with lactation even though ive never had a kid so that confused me :L x


My hormones are normal apart from my testosterone which is slightly high but not too worrying. My doctor thinks it’s just because I go gym everyday and lift weights etc x

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In my experience, there can be several causes for acne. I used to have it quite badly when I was a teenager (i'm 35 now), and it was heavily linked to my emotions and hormones, stress can have a part to play with it. I used to get breakouts around my period (before I was diagnosed), so given the link between endo and hormones, it seems likely that your acne may be caused by the endo, but I'm not an expert so couldn't say definitively that's the case.

I don't suffer too badly anymore, few on my face occasionally, I tend to get more on my shoulders/neck now, though not right down my back. I like to keep fit and find that sweating a lot can bring them out, particularly on my chin. I've also found that too much oil, or certain types of oil can bring them out. Excessive production of natural oils is one of the causes of acne generally, so consuming too much oil could, I would think, conceivably cause a breakout (i'm not a scientist and don't have any scientific basis for that, it's just an opinion). Try using different types of oil, or reducing the amount you use, see if that works, or try changing your diet in other ways and see what effect it has. It's a case of trial and error in many ways, what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa, you just have to keep trying and you'll eventually hit on something that really helps.

Keep up with drinking plenty of water though as keeping hydrated is really good for your skin.



Hello I suffer a lot with acne but I have polycystic ovaries with courses bad acne and lots of over horrible things like hair in wonted place and lots of over s


Hi princess sorry to hear your experiencing acne firstly, I myself started off with teenage spots always had bad periods too, I'm now turning 41 next week still have bad skin mainly cystic on chin that coincides with the 2 periods a month I've been getting for years now, I had endo tests all came back normal so felt like back to square one again, it is hormonal I don't care what docs say it's hormones . I was diagnosed with adenomyosis last September which I'd never heard of untill then, and that is the thing unless we find the individual that can pinpoint what's going on inside cause obviously something not right don't give up cause it's easy for someone that don't have to live with bad skin, I get people saying it's not bad I can't see what's so bad, hope you find something to help you I'm drinking apple cider vinegar before bed just to see if it helps so here's to hope, best wishes x


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