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Mid cycle pain, digestion issues etc

After years of pain I had surgery for endo on my ovaries in October 2014 and then had a blissful year of no pain.

In September 2015 I started having pain again but different this time. Mid cycle I get burning pain above my hip bones and in my back, ibs and acid reflux symptoms and feel terrible and flu like for a few days. I've spoken to the doc about it but they just don't think it's related and keep treating me for acid reflux. It works for a while but next month it's back again.

Has anyone found any help for this? I suffer from anxiety as well so it's become pretty debilitating for a few days each month.

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Hello J, is it burning pain in the low pelvic area? you mentioned above the hip area, so just wanted to ask if the pain is in the the middle of your pelvis or on the sides.

I have a similar burning pain that is comes every month a few days after I finish my period. And the acid reflux is so bad... that I feel I can't burb anymore.


It's the sides of my pelvis and sometimes a bit of pain in the middle, feels like someone has filled it with acid!

The reflux is terrible, I wake up every morning feeling sick and it sometimes gets so bad I feel dizzy.

I just wish there was a way to fix this!


Hi J, I get burning pain in my pelvis most days of the month. It is mostly towards my groin following my lap last November but i have started to get pain towards my left hip bone again. I get endo on the left uterine ligament and the pouch of douglas so i guess it depends where the endo is, on where you feel the pain. I also feel it in my back. I suffer with reflux and acid indigestion often and was diagnosed with IBS at 15. I think the ibs symptoms and endo are connected but acid indigestion runs in my family so can't blsme that on endo as well. I am trying traditional chinese medicine to see if it helps with the endo and ibs symptoms. Only just started so can't say if it will work but they believe in all round well being and relaxation so you might be able to get some tips on meditation to help with your aniexty too.

All in all it makes for a pretty miserable set of symptoms when you put it all together. I hope you find some relief.



I've been having acupuncture and taking Chinese medicine since the beginning of this year and it has helped with the reflux and stomach issues. It means that I only have a couple of bad days in the month and they are becoming less frequent. My practitioner is going to adjust the treatment to try and help the hormonal/endo issues now the stomach side is doing better.

I hope it helps for you too.


Hi J, how long does the burning pain lasts for you? and does it stop before ovulation or after? I am having another histerescopy d&c next week and I will definitely let you know if I find out anything new about this horrible pain.

Take care..


It usually stops after ovulation. The trouble is this month it has left behind a horrendous case of acid reflux. Every time I eat anything I'm in agony! Just bought some silicon gel from Holland and Barrett in the hope of sorting it out. From one type of pain to another!


Hello Julesh, I hope you're feeling better. Just wanted to give an update with my test results. I had a endometrial biopsy and culture done last week and I'll have a histerescopy next Tuesday. The biopsy came back with acute and chronic inflammatory process and the culture showed a growth of GBS (group B strap). My doctor belives that I could have a chronic case of endometritis on top of other issues (adenomyosis). The problem is that I had cultures done before and every time I have some type of bacteria growing inside the uterus... but I took antibiotics several times and the infection keeps coming back.

I am kind of desperate at the moment... looks like I may have an answer for the horrible burning pain in my pelvis every month but don't know how to cure it. You may want to start investigating this possibility... but you'll need to make sure the doctor does the culture from the endometrium and not the vagina. Let me know what you think about this... Thank you.


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