Pain under ribs RHS with menstrual cycle

I've seen a few posts on this but my pain is under rib cage on RHS and it's what I'd describe as a stitch but it's too painful to run or do anything too active. I get it during the first 3 days of my menstrual cycle (bleed) and I'm wondering if it's trapped wind/if I can do anything with my diet to minimise it as ibuprofen doesn't touch it. As an endo sufferer for years, I had my endo "cut out" a few years ago by Mr Trehan:

only, my symptoms of bloatedness and lower abdominal pain seem since to have been substituted by this pain which is literally a pain. Can anyone recommend anything? I'm a very active person (triathlete) and having to lay low for 3 days or more is somewhat annoying.. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello

    I have Catamenial Pneumothorax which is endo on my right lung. When I am about to or just started my period my right lung collapses. I get sharp pain on my neck, arm, right rib side and like a pinching pain on my back just below my right shoulder. If this sounds something like what you may have perhaps you should visit your dr and let them know as this can be a medical emergency.

    best of Good luck.

  • Hi, oh wow, I'd not heard of that condition. Sorry to hear you have that. I don't have symptoms as severe as that. I've been reading up and it could be a gall bladder spasm and hormones can trigger it. I'm not sure what the solution is yet but I'll see my gp about it. Thanks for your reply and I hope you find a way forward to improving your condition.

  • Hi I was having pain like this. I will try to post a link:-


  • Thanks for that. My pain is most definitely linked to my period/hormones. I only get it during the first few days of my period. I will track my eating habits and see I notice any less/increase in symptoms though x

  • Hi Paz07,

    I empathize with you, I just had a lap last Tuesday and mentioned to my surgeon that this area has become a constant bothersome also. I asked if it could possibly be my appendix which i still have. I asked when I seen him this past Monday as well. He said the area is a tricky one to speculate about. I have had abdominal ultrasound and blood tests following an ovarian cyst rupture back in August that ruled out gull bladder involvement, I don't know how acurate ultrasound is in determining abdominal organs but I can say it has not been beneficial in determining my ovarian cysts ever throughout my history of complications of such! So the surgeon didn't see an issue with my appendix. He did see indication of diverticulitis on my bowel during the lap, but didn't feel it was substantial. We talked extensively prior to my lap about bowel movement and laxatives. I have IBS and substantial internal and external hemorrhoids. I suffer from constipation quite often and have issues with rectal bleeding. Sorry you have to hear all this! I started a virtually entirely plant based diet and this has improved my constipation and bleeding. Anyway we are all unique but He recommended I take restoralax, it is a powdered form that you mix with liquid, has no taste and doesn't gel up. I had some trouble drinking 8 oz all at once dispite that I do sip herbal tea all day and night so I am not dehydrated ever. I'm peeing very often throughtout the day and night. My bladder and ureters were checked and clear at lap. The laxative had helped this pain. At least it would appear so right now. I have had substantial bowel movements sometimes twice a day since taking this. I don't know if it is safe to stay on it on a regular basis but it leads me to believe my issue is one of a bowel in nature. Sorry if this has offended you but that's my two cents worth.

  • Thanks for replying - interesting. Is the pain your experiencing also rhs under rib cage? And does it come on with any regularity?

  • Yes, it is the right hand side right under the rib cage. And I feel it right now. I thought it was gone but I feel my colon is very distended at the moment. I have some things I absolutly cannot ingest or it becomes so *f'n sore that I have to take my prescription dicetel which was given for my IBS. This is the only time I take it when I eat something i perhaps should't have, like salmon, deep fried foods, MSG (major no no makes me black out on the toilet) and a recent finding bell peppers. Today I had a large bowl of homemade vegetable soup and a few sticks of celery, i'm beginning to think it's anything gas producing but I drink peppermint tea and take gas x as soon as I feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it's time for me to see a gastroenterologist!

  • givemeananswer - have you looked up Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? I am seeing so many women on here with similar symptoms which persist after removal of endo. Such as digestive troubles which are tested but completely unexplained and herniations of tissue. Apparently a link between endo and EDS is being researched too.

    I get terrible pain under my right ribcage and have had every test under the sun, aside from a hernia they can't find anything wrong yet I am in agony despite having full excision of endo 2 months ago!

  • No I haven't heard of that but I'll check into it. I just heard of gastroparesis earlier today as well. Mine began before my op but just the same. You would think eating healthy was a good thing. But from this what I read about gastroparesis I don't know what's safe. Another stone to turn. Speaking of they ruled out gallstones and kidney stones when my cyst burst.

    Good luck, Elwood!

  • what is Endo? because i have the same problem & im not sure what it is. this is my second day of my period & it just started this morning. i've had it before when i was on my period, but i'm not sure what it is. i've seen a lot of people say it's Endo. what is that?

  • I had Endo on my diaphragm which was obviously under my rib cage. At least you can go to your doctor armed with suggestions. Good luck!

  • Sorry, I realize this is an old thread but just in case someone looking for answers stumbles upon it...I have this also. I believe it could be sphincter of oddi dysfunction. It has a hormonal connection. Cutting out gluten has helped me immensely but I still get the pain before and the first few days of my period. You could possibly look into that as being a possible cause.

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