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Mid cycle bleeding

Hi there, I'm new to this site but am hoping to get some advice on what's going on with my endometriosis. I haven't had a laparoscopy but after being examined and having had a pelvic scan and a blood test, I had a diagnosis of endometriosis. I've only been suffering with symptoms for the past year, so I consider myself lucky as it hasn't been YEARS. Today I am on day 16 or thereabouts of my menstrual cycle and have started bleeding. It's taken me really by surprise and really worried me. I was told I had a 5cm cyst but this has now collapsed. What I'm experiencing is very similar to my normal period, and have had lots of bloating and wind, lower back pain and pelvic pain but it's manageable. I had breast cancer 3 years ago, and this is my main cause for concern! I just keep feeling like its not endometriosis but ovarian cancer!! My consultant has assured me it's not, but as I've not had a laparoscopy how can she be so sure?! I am seeing her on Tuesday and am wondering whether to push hard for a laparoscopy. Thoughts and advice please? Many thanks ladies. X

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Yes i agree. Get a laporoscopy done. Its the only way to truly diagnose endometriosis. It is also diagnosed by symptoms but alot of female gynological problems have the same symptoms. I had similar symptoms like you where i had cysts and it collapsed and then it came back and collapsed again...i had bleeding all over the place...i bleed for a whole month at one time etc. I had the laporoscopy done and it actually was stage 4 endometriosis. I used zolodex starting from 3 months after lap for 6 months and it helped alot with symptoms and pain. I was glad i did the lap because i was sure what was causing my symptoms.

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Thank you for your advice. What does stage 4 mean?


I had this and was told cysts fill with blood and get do full they spill over. Hence bleeding. Dark brown blood.

If it's painful it might of burst might be worth making docs appointment xxxx


Thank You Booboo. I guess it could be the cyst or contents of coming away, so that's a good thing i think. I am seeing my consultant on Tues so will get her to explain things better to me and take it from there.



I'm fairly new to diagnosis (no lap) just from scans and discussion of symptoms but have been getting mid cycle bleeding, back pain, pain around left ovary area for many months (if not years) now. It's like clockwork.



Hi, sorry you have been suffering a lot, but I'm kind of reassured to know this mid cycle bleeding is fairly normal. It's really turned into a full blown period and this has never happened before, I've only had spotting.


I think I've been lucky in terms of levels of pain compared to some other folks on here. I know mine is getting worse though.

Yeah mine is a weird sort of spotting. Never a full on period.


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