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Pelvic pain 3 weeks after lap

Hi all,

I went to the gym last night for the first time since my lap which was 3 weeks ago. Got period pain today and feel really disappointed cos I was feeling so much better. I had the coil fitted too so I know that it's still settling. Suppose that I'm just looking for reassurance that it's normal and I will be ok . I hate not going to the gym. I'm going insane with 5 kids all on school holidays

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Hi Don,

I am a regular gym goer and found it extremely difficulty when recovering from surgeries to take the relevant time off. I would say 3 weeks is a bit soon (from personal experience), may be try some power walking whilst you are still recovering. I still get a lot of pelvic pain now especially when doing ab work, I think the scar tissue from all previous surgeries doesn't help.

Remember although you looked healed from the outside your inside is probably still recovering.


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I do CrossFit and I'm dying to get back to it. The surgeon said 4 weeks but i struggled with a 800m run . So frustrating!!!


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