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Pelvic pain after orgasm


Hey ladies !

Just a quick and slightly embarrassing question. I've noticed sometimes when I stimulate my clitoris either during sex or whisky masturbating that during and after it causes pelvic pain - basically the same feeling as period pain and this recent time when I masturbated and then orgasmed it was so severe I felt like I was going to vomit! Anyone else experience this ?

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Im going to take an educated guess that this is coming from the uterus first.

The uterus is a muscle that contracts during orgasm,so that wld be my first thought.

My second thought wld be an ovary,if under pressure of some sort,say by compression from something ie a vein can give you referral pain in that area,with sharp pain through the clitorus,either randomly,or during orgasm.

As you describe more pelvic pain i wld go with number one.

Kind regards


gi4l in reply to Hidden

Hey. I was curious to ask. That can it effect my ovaries. Or be a cause of complications in getting pregnant? That pain after orgasm.

Yes, after I have an orgasm I sometimes have severe endometriosis pain in my abdomen. I asked my OB-GYN about this and her explanation didn't make total sense to me, but she said it could be related to the fact that orgasm involves a lot of different muscles in the pelvic and abdominal area. Some of my organs are connected and in weird positions due to adhesions from endo, and she thought this could be causing unusual stresses on my pelvic floor muscles. Anyway, I don't totally understand it but it certainly does kind of suck! You're not alone in having this.

Hi Belsy! I have this too and have been frantically searching everywhere on the internet to try and find out why. I saw my gyno today who said they didn't think it was related to any active endometriosis (as I am 3 months post-lap and on zoladex injections). He seemed to think it could be my colon going into spasm and said that it was very common for endo sufferers to have IBS and sensitive digestive organs... does that sound like you?

That kind of Sounds like me. I was constipated for almost four days, which caused my vagina to leak. And i had bad cramping pains in my ovaries. Now that I'm not constipated any more, when i have an orgasm my ovaries still hurts.

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CP17 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much for your explanation. I think this is what my doctor was trying to say, but somehow the way you worded it made it clearer to me.

Hi I have the same situation and i feel like crap. Ig is cery painful even if masturbate myself. Dr said is due to muscle contraction. I decide the histerectomy let's see if after surgery i comeback to myself in sexual life.

Yes!!! I'm so glad I'm not almost feels like first stage labor pains...sometimes if i take Tylenol before sex it helps..

I have also recently experienced pain during and after a clitoral orgasm. When my pelvic floor muscles contract it feels like something is tugging down in my uterus. I also end up with a period pain feeling after.

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis about 2 years ago that had been masked by severe Crohn’s Disease diagnosed 20 years ago. I’ve always had GI upset with my periods and we realized it was aggravating my Crohn’s so I’ve been on continuous birth control for most of the past 10 years. I’ve still had a few cysts, one that grew to 6cm that I had to have surgically removed and resulted in my endo diagnosis. But everything is so close together in that area it’s possible to have GI and Gyn upset that impact each other. The adhesions caused by the endo can affect the intestines and cause constipation, or severe IBS or even an inflammatory disease like Crohn’s can upset your ovaries and uterus and everything. I’m so intuned to my abdomen after 20 years of Crohn’s and 10 years of regular cysts rupturing I know when it’s my ovary hurting and when it’s my GI tract, but sometimes even I get confused. But I just had pain from orgasm from clitoral stimulation that was a 7 or 8 in my pain scale, and I don’t say 10 until I am losing consciousness from pain, yes I have been there. So it was pretty bad pain, but I know there’s nothing they can do about it and with the flu it will cause more harm to go to the hospital this late.

Hey rwcarter, I experience severe pain in my periods since age 11,now I'm 18+,last time it was so severe that had to get injected.Once,i got ultrasound done,there was 4 cm cyst,but dr. Said we cannot help it,either u hve to take birth control pills or live with this pain.Is there any way out,change of daily routine, exercise,food etc? please help and share your experience.

I have been dealing with this for many years now. If I have a clitoral stimulated orgasm within 15 mins I am doubled over in extreme pain, sweating profusely and nauseous. Many times the pain is bad that I vomit. I always feel like I have to push something out but nothing ever happens. Sometimes I will wake up stimulated down there and just that sometimes results in having an episode. I havent had one in a while so today I decided to "try" since it has been so long and immediately after it happened again. I used to be a very sexual person and now Im scared to do anything. Ive spoke to doctors and they have no idea what it could be, although, I have not had a ton of testing yet. In ultrasounds there is nothing and my pap smears are normal. If anyone has had this issue and have figured out what it is, or been told of any possibilities that it could be, please share.

Mroch in reply to Marissa79

This is exactly what I am also suffering with. I am scheduled for a laproscopic surgery in July to find out if endometriosis is the cause. Doctors also think I could have an issue called pelvic floor dysfunction. I have been back and forth with doctors and I tell them this and they think I am crazy. I also have orgasm as I wake up and am in immense pain.

That's exactly what I'm dealing with it's so scary😭 I don't know what to do

Tay22 in reply to Marissa79

This sounds almost exactly what I’ve been experiencing for about a year now. It’s always right sided lower abdominal/pelvic pain that leaves me doubled over and nauseous (if I didn’t hate throwing up so much I would have everytime I get this pain.) The pain always comes in about 1-2 minutes after I am done and lasts anywhere between 6-10 minutes. I’ve gone to the ER twice for it and can’t find anything. An ultrasound years ago showed possible adenomyosis?? Needing to go see a new OB soon and hope they can shed some light on the issue as it’s getting in the way of living my life. Luckily my bf of 3 years is amazing and is understanding of why I obstain from wanting to do anything- any sort of sexual excitement brings in this pain; even as you said there’s times I wake up from a dream and it throws me into these pain episodes even with no physical stimulation. Have you found anything out since you last posted?

Marissa79 in reply to Tay22

Sounds exactly like me with the dreams and waking up excited. Its crazy. Have you learned anything more? I cant believe how many women have this with no explanation,!

Boonyal2 in reply to Marissa79

OMG the pain is excruitating. Exact same symptoms, and today I vomited. I end up having to help the bowel movement out to give some relief, it doesnt really help. I just pray that it will. I can't get comfortable, ice pack on abdomen area, doesnt do much, and today I had to douse my face in freezing water the pain and heat was unbearable. How devasting that after the joy of masturbating I have to contend with this unbearable pain. In fact while it is accute I feel I'd rather die than experience the pain. Yep, I too hav huge pain threshold.

Young05 in reply to Marissa79

After years of searching on the Internet, your description of this is EXACTLY what I have experienced for about the last 6 years!! Extreme pain after clitoral stimulated orgasm, doubled over, sweating profusely. I always have to go sit on the toilet too and feel like I have to push something out, but like you said, nothing ever really happens. I just have to let it pass/subside. It feels like my lower abdomen is on fire at times. And like you, I had a very normal, healthy, active sex life prior to when I began experiencing this pain about 6 years ago. Why did it only begin then?? I don't understand. HOW is it possible that SO many women are experiencing this same thing, yet NO solution/explanation yet exists? It makes no sense to me. If ANYONE has had any help from a doctor, specialist, etc. in easing the pain/diagnosing the issue, PLEASE SHARE! I am a healthy, 37-year old female. No, I do not have endometriosis, I do not have cysts, or any other health issue. I have always had regular PAP smears, I have no past sexual trauma/assault. I have been to a few doctors and one gynaecologist and NO ONE has any idea what could be causing this. PLEASE HELP!!

Yes, I too wake up feeling that way. I never know how to explain that part to the doctors. Lol. And yes, I also feel like the doctors think I am crazy most of the time. Everytime I have to explain it I just get this puzzled look and they say they dont know what it is. I already have depression issues, so hearing that makes it hard to continue going to all their appointments, when nothing seems to get the answers you need. I personally thought it could be endometriosis but Ive had a couple doctors say they didn't "think" it could be that (but they didn't rule it out either). I moved out of state after finally seeking help from a doctor and have yet to find a another. I have been reading about pelvic floor therapies and wondering if I should maybe contact a doctor that specializes in that and sexual issues. Its just so hard not knowing where to start and it becomes very disheartening when every doctor you talk to has never heard of it. You would think with all of the stories online of women going through this same issue that more doctors would be educated about it. Its sad because I was once a sexual person and even though it rarely causes issues when I have sex with my fiance, it still scares me and makes sex much less attractive. It is nice to know I am not the only one going through this. I hope that you get answers soon. It would be great if we could share what we learn with one another. I have an appointment with a new doctor this month, so all my testing will be starting soon and I think that I am also going to contact a doctor that specializes in pelvic floor issues as well.

I’m so sorry to hear what you have been through, I understand a lot of what you all mentioned! I get chronic period/pelvic like pain after masturbation and upper stomach pain that makes me feel so nauseous. Also, the endometriosis was found on my bladder and UV fold through diagnostic laparoscopy. My bladder gets irritated after masturbation and I always struggle to urinate or it burns.

Im only 18 years old, I’m just fed up of my family constantly telling me to just try and deal with my Endometriosis and stop complaining till I get my laparoscopy in August 2019. It’s awful because I UTI’s very and after every bladder procedure I’ve had including urodynamics procedure which left me with a ton of UTI’s and chronic boughts of cystitis. The birth control pill gave me so many UTI’s and depression. I don’t understand why women with endometriosis should be prescribed hormones or given coils with horrific side effects. Also last but not least a cystoscope, I had so many bladder infections and UTI’s after this. Is there a way I can possibly masturbate without having this pain for a whole day or 2 after masturbating? It’s as if my body is weak. I have upper stomach pain, I lose my appetite and my lower abdomen is sore. Secondly, my bladder gets irritated and I get fake symptoms of a UTI.

Do not wear high heel. You can take (like tiger balm) the hot plaster on the hip and waist area for only 4 hours per day then you will feel no pain after one week. Do not take the hot plaster over 6 hours because it can cause the allergies on the hip. When you sleep, place the pillow under the legs (you can search in YouTube). This is all my suggestions because I did I felt no pain. I also suffered the hip area pain after masturbation and there is pain again if I do again. So once you feel no pain, do not think to do masturbation for about months

Thanks so much for the advice! I will have to get a pillow under the legs. I never wear high heel either and I am not on any hormones at the moment. I’m just waiting for my laparoscopic surgery to remove endo on bladder and uv fold. I have reduced masturbation, I still get pain when I do it but yes hot water bottle or heat pad helps. Thanks! 😉

Same here Second half of the cycle.. very bad pain after climax or just after getting ,horny sometimes after going for a bowel movement or starting exercise I had a lap but 2 weeks after its the same Could it be something different than endo? BECAUSE mine was removed recently . Or could I be in pain because of the burns on my ovaries BTW I had endo only on my ovaries and during an orgasm the uterus is contracting only isn't it? Please write if u have any further knowledge

Hello I have the same as you pain and then sometimes bowel mOvement only settles after about 40 minutes for me with painkillers and hot water bottle. Drs all day take painkillers before but this isn’t practical and doesn’t really touch the sides with the pain. I’ve tried CBD Oil too which worked temporarily. I’m going to see a pelvic physio therapist and I’ll let you know how that goes. X

Marissa79 in reply to Buddy2019

Hi Buddy, I was just wondering how it went with the pelvic physio therapist? Ive been wondering if this condition was a pelvic floor disorder, so I'd love to hear what your experience was with it. I hope that you're feeling much better.

I have the exact same, sometimes after climax or waking up from a climax, or after a bowel movement, one time from gardening for a few hours will cause extreme pelvic pain, inflamation and infection. I have gone to Dr.'s for years and they cannot figure it out. they think I want to be on anitibiotics all the time. Crazy! They see that I have had numerous bladder infections because of the marks on my bladder and they said something is going on but they do not know what. I have through so many testing, cat scan, mri's etc etc etc. NOTHING!

Do you ever get really hot also?

Lejay in reply to Arielp

Like random hot flushes?

Endogirl_Toni in reply to Arielp

Yes! I get flushed and feverish. It makes me feel unwell and I get shaky hands. It’s so strange.

This is old but I wanted to say this was my problem. I consulted many doctors, spent hours reading online and 2 years later, I almost never have pain and have made a dedicated website to try and help women like myself. I hope it helps you

Do not wear high heel. You can take (like tiger balm) the hot plaster on the hip and waist area for only 4 hours per day then you will feel no pain after one week. Do not take the hot plaster over 6 hours because it can cause the allergies on the hip. When you sleep, place the pillow under the legs (you can search in YouTube). This is all my suggestions because I did I felt no pain. I also suffered the hip area pain after masturbation and there is pain again if I do again. So once you feel no pain, do not think to do masturbation for about months

I also am experiencing the same thing though not as intense. I am looking for answers myself so I am not going to be of much help. It started recently for no reason, and I was really confused. I also need some answers. Thanks!

Hi all! I had these exact symptoms and now that I have my answer I wanted to share - though I hope you all have found relief in the meantime.

After many referrals, ultrasounds, and a colonoscopy, I was sent to a “vulvovaginal specialist” who immediately diagnosed me with pelvic floor dysfunction. Basically I’m way too tensed and the muscle contractions are too much and then can’t relax. I went to pelvic floor physical therapy (yes that’s a thing), and learned how to specifically relax those muscles. It seems silly because of how simple it sounds, but it really helped me. I still occasionally have the pain after waking, like others mentioned, but I’ve learned how to make it go away.

I hope this helps!

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