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I'm currently in hospital with agonising stomach pains that they thought was appendicitis. Iv been here 5 nights now and have had to take oromorph for the pain. I did have a kidney infection but it's gone now. Every time I eat I'm sick or nauseous with worse pain and it makes me dizzy.

Has anyone ever been sick after eating with endo pain?

Thank you


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Normally if I'm sick its because my pain meds make me dizzy. Sorry to hear your feeling so poorly :-(


Yes, that's what I was thinking! Thank you :)


I was in the hospital a few days ago too, I got antibiotics for PID caused by BV. I also got a kidney infection in March (turned into a stone), then a bladder infection in May, and then another kidney infection just at the end of July. I find the antibiotics take a few days too get out of your system and those ones paticullarily make me ill.

I also get naseous from pain but here's a few things I'll have on hand for that.

Anti-nasea bracelt (wristband that pushes on a vien) I have the 'sea band'

Gravol with ginger

Dried ginger chews

Tums (or other antiacid)


After eating I always take a tums if I'm feeling sick before, instead of chewing, I really reccomend letting it dissolve in your mouth so it doesn't hit you all at once and also I find them gross to chew. I used to take Gaviscon (not sure if I spelt that right) but it was too much.


Hope you're better soon! Get them to give you anti nausea meds. They usually give you stemitil via IV. There's a few they can give you zx


Thank you for the advice!! Yes iv been having anti nausea meds which has helped massively in hospital, but I'm home now and need something as they wouldn't prescribe me anything to bring home for it. I will deffo try the sea bands and tums.

Thank you :) x


Urgh sounds like what I hope through 😕 I hope they get to the bottom of your pain soon! My last hospital visit was 4 days 2 weeks ago and like you I had to go to the gp to get anti sickness as they'd let me out without any! I'm going in for a laparoscopy on Tuesday to possibly diagnose endo as been having these pains and sickness with dizziness for a fewhile years now 😑

Defo ask your gp for some sickness meds so that you've got them handy when you need them xx


Hi,yes my endo pain always makes me sick,I've lost 2 stone over the last few months because of it.Im due to have an op in October again.

Hope you feel better soon xx


Thank you! I have endometriosis and it's on my bladder that's what's causing me the pain/problems. I keep having infections and kidney pain after every period. I'm due to start loestrin 30 and have to go back to the urologist for further investigation in to my bladder.

I also have adenomyosis. It's a pain living with this condition x


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