Does anyone else suffer with sickness?

Hi all

I have suffered with endo for long time now, however over the past year or so I have suffered really bad with sickness.

I get some kind of morning sickness when due on then all through the month i will have off days of feeling queasy or being very sick.

Been to my docs and they say it's connected. Just wondered if anyone else has or does suffer and if they know anything that can help please

Thank you lovelies xxx

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  • Hi I suffer with sickness bad also worst when am due like morning sickness while am on all day and now and again in between I have been suffering for 5years with it not nice! I don't know anything what helps with it if you do let me know xxx

  • It's horrible love. Mint tea helps but only once you can keep things down. I sometimes try just smelling it which eases the queasy feeling a bit. If I manage to find out anything else I will let you know hun xx

  • Tried that it's a night mare isent it but will still keep plodding along with it thanks Hun :) if I hear of anything that works well will let you know also :). Xxx

  • Hi I suffer from nausea and stomach pains so much I lost a stone in weight my pains are worse in the morning but they are nearly the only stomach pains I have now because I have cut out gluten from my diet and started eating healthier. I have a book that says cutting out gluten, cutting down on bovine dairy processed food sugar and eating healthier helps endo patients. I'd look into diets they might help.

  • Yeah I have cut out most dairy and only brown sugar. I seem to be losing weight but nothing is changing just gets worse. Thank you may habe to look at gluten next then xx

  • Cutting out gluten has actually helped the most so I hope it helps for you. I've also heard taking extra multi vitamins and minerals helps xx

  • Nausea is a new friend to me as well. Let me know also what helps.

  • Yup! I also experience nausea, I don't vomit though but feel I could sometimes. I find this is triggered by consuming certain foods 🤔but it's always the tastiest foods so it's hard to cut out! 😩 I have had to alter my diet quite a bit since diagnosis though. 😲xx

  • That's the thing it all seems trial and error and 9 times out of 10 its error lol. Xx

  • Haha! Yep and then you feel like crap but least you know it makes you feel like crap. 😂 xx

  • Haha never thoughtI would suffer with food hangovers 😂

  • This is the worst symptom for me... i suffer from it most of the day, every day, its debilitating. Have you tried any prescription medication? I was given cyclizine by my GP, which does help although it can make you slightly drowsy!

    I tried cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy... but nothing has eased this. The only time i get relief is when im on the mini pill or depo provera, which i cant take because im ttc.

    Hope you find some relief... if you do you can share with me lol!

    Karen x

  • Aw bless you darling. I seem to be getting alot of replies but nobody has anything that helps massively will let you know if I find any xx

  • I have nausea alllll the time, it's horrible! The doctor says the reason is due to all of the inflammation from the endo. I take ginger and that seems to help only if it hasn't gotten to its peak. If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of this horrible, horrible side effect please let me know!

  • Oh really. If I find out anything else i will let you know hun xxx

  • It's horrible. I've suffered with this for 30 years since my periods began at 14 years old. The doctors diagnosed me with having reflux esophagitis as they could not diagnose the inflammation. I now know it's from the endometriosis. Same as the IBS they also diagnosed me with.

    Being sick usually helps, but I have trouble eating when I have a flare up. I've been taking ginger, turmeric, bromelain and papin tablets for two months they seem to work well.

    I cut out gluten and dairy for 15 years. My body rebelled against this about 4 years ago. I now eat in small doses. I don't think that the dairy free, gluten free diets worked very well for me. I also tried organic carrot juice it did soothe the ulcerative throat problem. I tried ginger biscuits and tea, but nothing really helped when I had a major flare up. Flat Coke or Pepsi helped after I was sick to settle my stomach.

    When I get the annoying cough I have two table spoons of organic cider vinegar and two table spoons of fresh Lemon juice in a tumbler of filtered water. This stops the cough and settles the stomach.

  • Aw you poor thing. I'm 16 years in now. Mine will come at random times mainly starts from when im asleep. I have been told before about turmeric so deffinatly going to try that. Look after yourself love hope things continue to help you xx

  • Thank you Mazzda. I hope you can find what works best for yourself soon xx

  • I get that too. I think during ovulation and just before period it gets bad. I can feel so so sick like I need to vomit but I never do just because I'm emetephobic ha. It's not fun though

  • Aw bless you hun. I am so shocked and surprised at how many women get it to. It has never been mentioned to me that I could suffer with this. Only bonus is i seem to be losing weight lol xx

  • Yes i do. You are constipated. No doubt through either endo or adhesions restricting your bowels. Ginger helps me loads. I make a ginger and lemon tea. Also laxitives or just cutting back on how much i eat

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